IIT JEE 2017: Steps to Follow for a Successful Preparation

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Studying for the JEE is an admittedly difficult task. Studying for the JEE without joining a IIT Online Coaching institute makes the task just about impossible in the books of many. However, not just is it possible, going the self-study way for the preparation of JEE also increases your odds of succeeding, as shown by the data of the students cracking the JEE in the recent years. The one most important requirement for every student opting for self-study for JEE preparation to actually succeed is planning. Having a proper plan in place goes a long way in ensuring that the student manages to achieve his/her targets. With the vast syllabus and each topic requiring advanced practical application, it is of utmost importance that you plan the whole course of action that you want to take for the duration of your preparation. Here are a few steps to follow when planning for the JEE 2017 preparation:

  1. Time Management

manage all your time according to your preparation

Managing the time is extremely important when planning for anything. It gains extra importance for the students planning to crack the JEE as there is a lot do and numerous topics and questions to cover, without ending up studying for 24 hours a day. Managing the time properly ensures that you get time for all the topics over the course of preparation and also get some time each day to refresh and recharge your batteries.

  1. Plan Ahead


Making a strict plan regarding the topics to be covered in each day will help you ensure that the syllabus is covered in a systematic manner. The Kaysons JEE 2017 timetable helps you in this regard. The whole syllabus is broken up into topics from all three Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each topic is assigned for different days, systematically increasing in the difficulty level. This method helps you finish the whole syllabus with ample time left, making sure that you have more than enough time for revising.

  1. Tests and Revisions


Preparing for JEE is not just about covering every topic. Another vital aspect of this preparation is revision. Following the Kaysons timetable for JEE 2017, you get ample time for revision between the course and after the syllabus is covered in its entirety. Special provisions have been made in this timetable to make sure that the students can give regular tests after every chapter is completed. Days have been set aside in the timetable for the tests to be taken, making sure that the students can get great practice on a regular basis.

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  1. Animesh Tiwari says:

    A proper time table for the preparation is the best. When i was preparing for my IIT exams with kaysons, they gave us with a time table so as to cover all the syllabus on time and we also get time for the revision. Ever Sundays was a test day for us which help us to know the growth. We perfectly worked according to the planned procedure. With this, I was able to crack IIT-JEE exam with a good AIR rank…..

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