Getting Frustrated With JEE Preparation: 5-Steps to Remotivate Yourself

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plan two years schedulePreparing for IIT JEE entrance examination requires a lot of hard work and sleepless nights in order to finish the syllabus and solve those extra questions in order to compete with all those who are appearing for this examination. This requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm by the students and many in this run tend to lose confidence in their own selves. Therefore, you need to keep yourself motivated and work hard till the until the exam date.

5-steps to remotivate yourself while preparing for JEE: 

  • Self Motivation: When you are not able to solve any problem even after trying for so many timesand you feel like skipping that topic/problem, tell this to yourself that there are many others who are in the same situation as you are in and keep motivating yourself by saying this to you that nothing is impossible”.Give yourself positive affirmation all the time, this will not only keep you motivated but also help you putting in more of hard work. 
  • Think of the result: Whenever you feel demotivated, think about the time when you will crack JEE Main and get into THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, think of the proud moment for you and your family. This has worked as a magic trick for many to keep themselves motivated. 
  • Company matters: Try being with those who are very serious about the exam as this will develop a feeling of competition in you and you will tend to work harder whereas being in a bad company or with those who are not serious for the future will only put a negative effect on you, driving away your interest from your preparations. Set Goals
  • Set Goals: Set goals daily, like to cover a topic or solve certain number of problems or take self-tests by setting the timer and once you are done with it take a gap, go out, breathe in fresh air for some time. This will rejuvenate and refresh your mind and help in concentrating. 
  • Track your progress:If you are planning to go through a book then start by looking at the contents of the book and marking the topics that you have already covered.

Remember JEE exams are tough to get through but then those amongst you qualify it, so never let yourself be demotivated by any mere thing. For more fruitful information visit our official website.

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  1. Rahul Rai says:

    When a significant number of aspiring students are actively indulged in incessant toils to garner a seat in IIT; the study material makes the difference.

  2. saurabh jha says:

    i really think that these tips will help me in my studies …
    Thank u …

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