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Cracking the JEE is hard. Preparing for the JEE is even harder. The months of efforts, focus and dedication that go into coming to grips with each of the topics and their advanced level questions often become quite a task for the students. In the end, every student hopes that there is an easy way to wade through the preparation with proper guidance. This is where the Kaysons video lectures are really helpful for you, providing an easy way to study for JEE.

Here is a look at the benefits that you get on registering with the Kaysons online video lectures for IIT JEE:

  1. Short Lectures

The whole syllabus for JEE has been divided into 440 lectures. Each of these lectures has duration of 20 to 40 minutes, allowing the students to grasp the topics that could have taken a lot longer than that.

  1. Expert Faculty

Each lecture in the Kaysons video lectures is taken by highly experienced IIT faculty, making sure that you get the very best in terms of knowledge.

  1. Gradual increase in level

The level of topics covered in these video lectures increases gradually from conceptual level, to school and board level and advance level before finally getting to the ranker’s level. This pattern enables the students to adjust with the different topics easily.

  1. 6000 Questions

Students get access to more than 6000 questions and their solutions with the video lectures. You also get to view the doubts asked by other students.

  1. Animation based explanation

It is a world renowned fact that what you see in motion is far easier to remember than something you read. Over 3000 2D and 3D animations are used in these video lectures to make sure that you get a better understanding of each topic.

  1. Manage your pace

The best part about studying with the help of these lectures is that the students can study at their own pace without having to keep up with anybody else. This allows you to devote as much time as you want to the topics that you feel require extra effort on your part.

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