JEE Book Reviews – Physics Books – A nearly exhaustive list

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JEE Physics is a very interesting and scoring subject. Unfortunately, it is also the subject that a lot of students struggle with.
The number of concepts to be learnt in Physics for the JEE is huge. Also, we have to  use new Mathematics which has not been taught till class X (Calculus, Vectors). And studying physics without learning these Mathematical tools is essentially fooling oneself – any good problem in physics will usually involve either calculus or vectors or both.

Coaching classes sometimes discourage students from using reference books. Usually, coaching class material has usually been prepared with a lot of pains and thus there is some logic to using only their material.
But I believe that you need to have at-least one (and at-most two) reference book handy as well, especially to refer to for topics that may not have been covered well in your coaching material.
Even if you end up never using the reference book or end up using it only occasionally, having one nearby is of great help.
If you are preparing on your own, then you must have the right reference books of-course.

List iit jee physics books & other engineering entrance exams

There are a number of books in Physics for covering theory and problems. A rigorous (but not fully exhaustive) list of the books popular amongst students are:

For theory

Fundamentals of Physics – Resnick & Halliday
University Physics – Seers & Zeemansky
Fundamentals of Physics – B. N. Ivanov
Fundamental Laws of Mechanics & Fundamental Laws of Electromagnetism – I. E. Irodov
Concepts of Physics – H. C. Verma
Understanding Physics for JEE Mains & Advanced – D. C. Pandey (Arihant, set of 5 books)
Physics for Joint Entrance Exam JEE Advanced – B. M. Sharma (Cengage, Set of 6 books)
Physics for JEE – Anurag Mishra (Balaji, Set of 5 books)

For problem solving: All the above books plus

Problems in General Physics – I. E. Irodov
Aptitude Test Problems in Physics – Krotov
Past JEE papers – Disha Publications
3000 Challenger Problems – Disha Publications
Advanced Problems in Physics – Anurag Mishra (Balaji Publications)

Detailed review of the above iit jee physics books

In the articles that follow, we will conduct a detailed review of each of the iit jee physics books mentioned above – what they cover, their pros and cons, relevance for JEE syllabus etc.
We hope that these reviews will help you make an informed decision for choosing your reference book for the JEE.

Again – we would like to remind you – choose only ONE reference book (and one book for questions practice from the list above). If you use too many books, you are likely to get confused.

Rohit Mehra

IIT D , IIM A grad with a passion for education, especially STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math). Love the JEE and the way it has evolved through time ... keen to help students crack it.

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