Effective Self-Study for IIT JEE Preparation Half the Battle Won

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4 Steps for effective JEE Preparation Self Study

4 Steps for effective JEE mains Self Study

While most of you may resort to private tuition when it comes to preparing for your IIT exams, effective self-study for IIT –JEE Preparation is like half the battle won. No matter how much time you devote for taking help from online classes, or live classrooms, you should not undermine the importance of self-study. Keeping aside a major chunk of your time for self-study has several benefits. Take a look at the advantages of effective self-study for IIT-JEE preparation.

Goal setting: The best way to plan self-study is by setting goals for your tasks. You can plan to complete your revision in short term and long term basis. Your short term goals can include daily tasks; how much portion you have to complete in a day and your long term goals can include the amount of portion that you plan to cover in a week or in a month. Goal setting will help you keep a check on the quality and quantity of work done.

Integrating chapters: This is another effective tool for self-study. When you break your book into chapters, you realize the topics that need more attention and those that you can breeze through. This will also help you in managing your time and you will be able to dedicate time to strengthen your weak points. Breaking up your book into chapters helps you to check if you need some extra study materials, or practice questions for some select chapters.

Online tuition: This reduces your dependency on tuition classes. You need not physically go to a class if you take the help of online classes. These classes save your time travelling and you can have access to the best study materials from the comfort of your home. Most of these classes tend to encourage self-study and self-learning. You can take help from an online tutor, videos, virtual classrooms, live chats when required. As the digital world continues to increase with a rapid pace, the competition in the market has increased. Owing to this, only those players survive in the long run that provide quality tutoring to students consistently.

Concentrate: During sessions of self-study, it is very important to keep away distractions. In case you do not have the luxury to have a separate room for studying, you should make sure that you concentrate on your work and

do not pay attention to any noise in your room. The amount of time you spend concentrating on your studies, is the time used efficiently. Your brain is more likely to process and retain the data when you focus. So no matter how hard you spend time learning a new concept from your teacher, it is of no use if you are unable to remember it and apply in the correct manner.

Thus, it is not the number of hours that you dedicate for study; it is the time that you study effectively and productively. Therefore, effective self-study for IIT -JEE Preparation is like half the battle won. The more number of hours you spend is more important than how you utilize those hours.

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