IIT Kanpur Cut Off 2011 – 2015

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IIT Kanpur Cut Off since 2011 in Under-Graduate Programme on the basis of the rank in IIT JEE now JEE Advance.
Student who wish to do Bachelor of Science (BS) also have to give JEE Advance. IIT Kanpur is one of the best college in world at number 34 (source).

Computer Science and Engineering IIT Kanpur Cut Off

Computer Science and Engineering IIT Kanpur Cut Off

This is a common trend which we are seeing in all IIT the cut off for CS branch is coming down. With IIT Mumbai cut off for this branch being the lowest amongst all IITs. We do not expect it to increase hence the cut off for JEE 2016 will also be around 200.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

It is the largest department of IIT Kanpur which offers B. Tech., M. Tech., dual-degree in Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering cut off for JEE 2016 should be around 650. We have listed for B.Tech programs we will soon update the list with M.Tech cut off as well.

Mechanical Engineering

IIT-KANPUR-Mechanical Engineering

Look at the graphs of cut off we can notice that the cut off for Mechanical Engineering is increasing every year hence we can expect it to be around 1250 for year 2016.

Bachelor of Science (BS) Mathematics and Scientific Computing

IIT-KANPUR-Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics and Scientific Computing expected cut off for JEE 2016 should be around 1500.

Chemical Engineering

IIT-KANPUR-Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science (BS) Physics


Note this is a Bachelor of Science (BS) program and not a B.Tech program in IIT Kanpur. The expected cut for JEE 2016 could be around 2500.

Civil Engineering


One think which we are noticing across all IITs is that amongst all branches civil engineering is loosing its charm and the cut off is increasing every year. This year too we expect is to increase to round about 2700 for general category students.

Aerospace Engineering

IIT-KANPUR-Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor of Science (BS) Economics

Materials Science and Engineering

IIT-KANPUR-Materials Science and Engineering
Biological Sciences and Bio engineering

IIT-KANPUR-Biological Sciences and Bio engineering
Bachelor of Science (BS) Chemistry


If you have any doubts in mind regarding IIT Kanpur cut off or admissions to IIT Kanpur please mention it in the comment below so that we can provide you the solution.
We will soon be updating the List with M.Tech result and cut please keep a watch
If you wish to know the more about eligibility for JEE.

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