IIT-Kharagpur Now In Top Annual Ranking of Asian University 

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IIT kharagpurIIT-Kharagpur is one of the oldest and reputed IITs institute in India. Some years back all the engineering students preferred Mumbai or Delhi over Kharagpur at the time of choosing IITs. But after getting the new latest ranks in which IITs- Kharagpur has placed in Top university rankings, students started changing their minds regarding IITs- Kharagpur. Here is something that will bring some hopefully many students to the country’s oldest IIT.

IIT-Kharagpur has placed in top annual ranking of Asian Universities. The rankings of the Times Higher Education has been released in this year and IIT –Kharagpur has figured in the top – 50 but also have beaten all other top IITs in ranking which have figured in the top-100.

The Punjab University has bagged all the Indian Institution/universities and it has been ranked 32 in the top 100 list. But when it comes to the last year, the rankings were different as they did not make it to the ranking last year. IIT- Kharagpur is one of the best Indian Institution with a rank of 45. The last year, ranking was totally different as they were in 30th rank. The more interesting part from which students should be aware of that no other IITs made it to the top- 100 last year.

There is no doubt that IIT- Kharagpur has slipped from its earlier rank last time. But after all, it has still managed to stay ahead of the other IITs university/ institution. The IIT- Kharagpur still performing better than any other IITs in various factors which is clearly seen in their rankings. IIT – Kharagpur pips other famous IITs institute with their top rankings.

“We are very glad by seeing the outcome of the survey. It is very vital news for us and matters a lot in the academicIIT kharagpur world. These kinds of rankings in the education world help in changing the situation of the universities,” IIT- Kharagpur- Director. “With the help of Top rankings, we hope to get best IIT candidates in our universities since the process of admission will be buoyed by the result of survery”.

IIT- Kanpur has achieved a rank of 55, while Delhi and Roorkee both have been tied at the 59th slot. There is a lot of difference after this, and the next entrants are IIT- Madras and IIT- Guwahati.

The educational institutions were judged by THE (The Times Higher Education) this time against the 13 calibrated performance indicators. The heads were: learning and teaching environment which leads to transfer of knowledge; volume of research; reputation and income, receiving income from the industry with the help of innovations; and institution’s outlook international.

The ranks were given after examining important factor and after a detailed analysis of criterion- wise data collected mainly by Thomson Reuters which has partnered THE (The Times Higher Education) At last, the main factor about the institute of slipping down by 15 positions compared to last year is also being taken into consideration as a topic of concern.

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