IIT vs World Universities

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IIT vs world universityThose giving the JEE exams are aspiring to get to IIT. This is a given fact and without doubt IIT is one of the most sought after universities. Students actually go for coaching classes, counselling and spend hours and hours studying. But unfortunately not all make it to the top. Some students do not qualify for IIT. Their dreams come crashing down and they are in a condition of despair. 

Here is hope you, you don’t need to feel hopeless. Turn your gaze to other universities abroad. They are equally good. Each university has their own eligibility criteria. For IIT one has to pass the JEE mains and JEE advanced exams. Initially there was a screening test but that has been eliminated. 

For other world wide universities they might conduct an entrance test and accept TOEFL IELTS GRE and SAT. Here you need to get the cut off score to get admission. For example Massachusetts Institute of Technology accepts TOEFL score of 577 to 600+ and SAT entrance exam. As for Stanford University an IELTS score of minimum 700 and TOEFL sore of  minimum 600 is required, not to forget the SAT entrance exam. University of California asks for TOEFL 220 TO 550, IELTS score 7.0. 

The various subjects available are electronic engineering, computer engineering, aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering software engineering and civil engineering. 

If we were to compare IIT to world universities we can say that IIT will give you the best engineering experience in India. It will make you compete internationally. As for the world universities you will get overseas exposure, high level syllabus, modern facilities and well trained faculty. 

Every university has its own plus and minus points. It is up to you what you make of the opportunity. You determination, hard work and intelligence is what will take you to the path of success. Of course it is important to choose correctly as to which university you want to go to, but don’t forget that you are the one who will shape your future. 

Talk to friends and family, do your own research on the net. Go yourself and visit the universities or ask for their application form and prospects. Thoroughly study the eligibility criteria, fee structure, teaching pattern, boarding and lodging facilities, faculty competence and other factors. 

The world is your stage and you are the owner of a super intelligent intellect. So go ahead and explore the plethora of opportunities without limiting your self.

Amrita Verma

I am a MBA Graduate, Creative thinker, blogger . Guiding student preparing for JEE for over 5 years. Have worked in Bansal Classess Kota from 2008 to 2013. In these 5 years I have understood much about What JEE is and What it takes to be an IITian. You can follow me on Google

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