Importance of Organization for JEE Preparation

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“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

This saying is applicable in all walks of life and even more so for the students preparing for the JEE. Every year more than 5 lakh students from all over India sit for the JEE after having toiled for the better part of 2 years, but only a handful of them are selected for admission to the IITs. A majority of the students who didn’t manage to crack the exam are sure to have read from the same books, spent equal or more hours buried in the books and were equally as committed to the cause as the students who got selected. The difference lay in planning. The ones who planned their preparation and spread the topics included in the syllabus effectively were the students who got selected.

For the students preparing for JEE 2016 undertaking this planning is of utmost importance. With a little over a year left for the exam, you need to make sure that your efforts do not go waste. Here are a few advantages that you get when you organize your preparation for JEE:

  1. Time Management

Time is of the essence for every student preparing for the JEE and having a proper study plan in place helps you manage the time better. Apart from covering each topic, organizing the preparation also helps you take out some time for some recreational activity.

  1. Full Syllabus Coverage

Having an effective plan in place ensures that you do not miss out on any topic, even by mistake. This is where Kaysons IIT JEE 2016 Study Time Table comes in. This time table includes the whole syllabus divided in to 440 topics. Each topic is accompanied by the corresponding 30 minute video lecture, which helps you cover a topic and its details within a short time.

  1. Tests

Testing yourself is of utmost importance during the preparation for JEE. Following the Kaysons timetable for JEE 2016 allows you to take regular chapter wise tests as special time slots have been kept for tests after every chapter is finished.

  1. Revision

While preparing for any exam, it is very important that you keep time for revision. The students following the Kaysons timetable have the luxury of substantial revision time as the course is planned in a way to ensure that the syllabus from classes 11th and 12th are covered by July 2015. This means that you will have more than more than 8 months for revision, which is more than enough time for the students to practice every topic and all the questions in detail. Also, you have enough time to balance your studies for the boards.

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