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The Importance of good Quality IIT JEE Question Bank

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Preparing for the JEE is quite a task in itself. Getting a grip on the basics, learning to deal with the advanced topics and at the same time managing to get the questions right is a task in itself. In this regard, the right education, the right planning, the right time management and the right reference materials are sought by every student in the run up to the JEE. Apart from all the study material and the planning, another thing that plays a hugely important role for the students is a good quality question bank.

It is often said that practice makes a man perfect, and in the quest for perfection in terms of preparation for JEE and that is what you get with the Kaysons question bank for IIT JEE. Quality questions for each topic from physics, chemistry and mathematics, make sure that you get great practice for each topic in the course. Here are a few advantages that you get with this question bank:

  1. Number of Questions

With more than 60,000 questions covering the course for JEE extensively, you get very good practice for the exam over the course of the preparation.

  1. Types of Questions

The Kaysons question bank for JEE offers 4 different types of questions namely:

  • Single Choice: In these questions you have to select one correct option from the multiple options available

  • Multiple Answers: These questions can have more than one correct answer in the multiple options available

  • Comprehensive Questions: The questions are asked from unseen passages accompanying the questions

  • Integer Type Questions: in these questions, students are required to solve the equations and the answers lie in a range of 0 to 9.99

  1. Difficulty Levels

Unlike a majority of question banks, the Kaysons JEE question bank does not focus only on the advance level questions. The question bank includes questions of all levels right from the basic to rankers’ levels. These questions help the students get a thorough grasp on each topic in the course.

  1. Progress Report

You can get regular progress reports for the chapters based on the questions you have practiced. Compiled with a detailed analysis of your performance in the different topics you have practiced the questions for, you can get a fair idea as to which topics need extra efforts.

  1. Marks Predictor

Along with getting a progress report and an analysis of your performance, you can also get a prediction of the marks you can expect in the JEE if the exam is taken then and there.

  1. Doubt Clearing

Where there are questions, there are bound to be doubts. You get the option to ask the doubts you have from our experts. You can also view the doubts asked by other students.

Bhawna Sharma

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