Improve your productivity- tips and tricks for preparations of JEE main – 2014

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The day for JEE Main is declared. Its preparation time now to make your dreams true. Aspirants need to improve their productivity. Follow these some tips to boost your JEE preparations.Tips and tricks for preparations of JEE main – 2014

Know the basics:

Understanding the basics brings success in IIT JEE. The syllabus of JEE main is giant so it is hard to cram whole subject in the last time. The JEE Main syllabus can be considered a replica of what was covered in previously held exams. The syllabus of JEE Main are covered in NCERT books. JEE main is being conducted by the CBSE.  IIT JEE aspirants will have to refer kaysons IIT JEE fast track revision and should try hard to crack the toughest problems from the JEE Main Syllabus.

Study regularly:

Regular study will endure your way to success. Cracking IIT JEE is not a few days job so study regularly and test your knowledge time to time.  Revision in JEE Main Preparation is a mandatory requirement for better scoring.

Management of time:

Try to solve sample question paper within a limited time. Time management plays a crucial role in JEE exams. Divide equal necessary time to each subject. Make a chapter-wise and topic-wise revision schedule. Kaysons fast track jee revision, enable you to deal with time factor effectively.

Short breaks are allowed:

Students should spare some time for relaxation. To study without any pressure require calm mind. You can hear your favorite music, read any other book, go for movie or walk, chatting with friends, or any other that make you happy. Always remember happy and cool mind is more productive.

Revision is essential:

All topics of the JEE syllabus covered might leak out of your memory if you will be unable to revise. Students must be well versed about all the topics and concepts of every subject. Analyzing your strengths and weakness enable you know which topic needs more time. Study your weaker areas first. Try to revise as many concepts as you have learnt during your preparation. Create some important short notes and list all formulas. JEE fast track revision will help you in quick revision of all the topics.

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