The IT industry slumps! Is it that dismal?

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IT industry slumpsThe IT industry saw a great boom 15years back where everyone opted for this career path. Most students from the science background would either opt for medical or engineering, the latter being most popular. But with the year 2000 IT slump and then the 2007-2009 recession the picture completely changed. Fewer companies were asking for IT graduates and thus colleges were cutting down on IT seats.

With this kind of slump there was a sharp decline in the placements for IT students. IT seats were being swapped with core engineering branches with  the permission of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).Now IT students had to compete with students from other departments for placements as campus placements were encouraging all students to participate in this feat.

It is definitely a dismal situation as the once booming industry has lost all its glory.37534 seats have been allotted for communication and electronic engineering out of which only 12,242 are IT engineering seats which makes it one third of the total. IT seat are only little more than half of civil engineering seats being 23,465 and 23,059 seats in electrical and electronics engineering.

To balance out the placement ratio and ensure that students get a fair chance to be placed there needs to be a effective change across the all departments in keeping with market conditions. Thus it is imperative that IT seats are increased or decreased as per demand of the hour.

But according to Infotech professional Anand Sitaram the IT scene is not that dismal. He says “Tech companies want competent employees,” and “Perhaps there is no need to increase the number of IT seats but, as far as the industry is concerned, there is no need to cut down on the number of seats either.” As per his knowledge job offers are still coming from countries like Australia Europe and UK. There has been a drop of business from the US but things are not that bad. 

With strategic plans and implementation the situation can be improved. With more competent Engineers emerging outsourcing can be encouraged. Thus students will get good placements and their aspirations would go waste.

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