JEE Advance 2013 cut off

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With the results being declared for the JEE Advanced, most students are worried about the marking and the rank that would be given.


JEE Advance 2013 cut off paper 2

JEE Advance 2013 cut off paper 2 Easy Medium Difficult analysis


JEE Advance 2013 cut off paper 1

JEE Advance 2013 cut off paper 1 Easy Medium Difficult analysis

As per the analysts, as each paper had 20 questions for 60 marks each in each subject, which adds to 360 marks total. While the Paper 1 and Paper 2 had an even distribution of questions, any student getting an aggregate of 113 marks out of 360 is assured of a rank below 9000.

Contrary to most expectations, both the papers are comparatively easy. Seeing the break-up, the easy questions are those which are from the 11th and 12th class syllabus while the medium ranged are those questions that can be solved when you have a good grasp over the JEE concepts and practiced questions. The difficult criteria are assigned to those questions that are application based.   If you get the easy and medium questions correct, you can be assured of 276 marks out of 360 which can get you an AIR of 300-400. Thus, it is easy for an average student to do well in JEE Advanced. To get a further look at the break-down of the marks, you have to score at least 109.2 in the easy section (syllabus is from 11th and 12th class) and a minimum of 166.7 in the medium questions section. It is aggregate of the marks in Paper 1 and Paper 2 of individual subjects which is added to get your All India Rank (AIR). Students scoring above 249 to 225/360 get placed within the first 1500, while if you score anywhere 275- 250 marks you get a rank within 1000.


Regardless of the coaching institute you have joined or the study material that you have, persistence, focus and contact practice of the questions is important. At Kaysons Education, we have the only and the largest question bank of 30,000 problems that can be solved online.  Some of the toppers of IIT who were enrolled in regular coaching bought the package for online questions and were able to practice them. It helps you get an idea about the subjects and questions that will come in the JEE entrance.


Never think that you cannot do it because all it takes is hard work. Even an average student is able to score well in the JEE entrance because if you practice properly and take the guidance of experienced online specialists, you are at par with anyone else. AIR 33 Aman Goel enrolled at Kaysons Education Video Lectures while  AIR 127, Shivaprasad S solved over 15700 questions from our question bank. And the rank result speaks for itself. The best aspect of the online question bank is that you can be enrolled with any of the coaching institute but still be able to keep solving these questions online. It helps you build speed, accuracy and get a test of what you know.


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