How to keep a balance between JEE and CBSE Board exams?

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This is a myth that is now in every students mind that we have to prepare for CBSE boards and JEE separately.

Now you will say

“I know a person who got 95% + in board but could not clear JEE”

To answer this question I will explain you two point’s method.

JEE are questions while Board is Theory

You study a topic projectile motion you do the derivations but do not practice sufficient amount of questions. What happens when you give board exams you are able to give the derivation and secure good marks. But when you give JEE you have not practiced question and hence you do not get the answers correct.
How can we help? After every topic that you study we give you assignments based on those topics for you to practice. You can give unlimited assignment for any topics we advise you to continue practice until unless you do not get above 50%.

1st complete boards followed by solving questions for JEE.

A common mistake or approach which the students often follow is that they try to study for JEE till Dec and think that from Jan to March they can prepare for Board. In three months you cannot prepare for boards and after a gap of 3 months you cannot recall for JEE. As a result the student does not perform when in neither boards or JEE.
What is the correct approach? Plan to complete you syllabus by June and follow it by solving question remember JEE is a carry forward of board the syllabus is same only level of question changes. At Kaysons Education we will provide you with a JEE study planner to help you do the same.

Most of the student who performs well in Board does perform well in JEE as well.

30% of the paper is Easy: The questions are conceptual and directly implement the formula to get the answer. Solving board books like NCERT is enough.

40% of the paper is Medium: These questions require simplification of question to get the formula. This can be improved by solving as many questions as possible

JEE chemistry 2017 These are complex problems which require intermixing of topics. This is something which most teachers faces problems in teaching and we provide the same in our JEE Rankers Level.

If you have any doubts regarding JEE preparation along with board please ask us in the comment box below.


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  1. syeda anees fathima says:

    should we make time for jee questions practice in between 2 board exams ? is it possible . im in cbse and have been sincerely preparing for jee for 2 years . going to attempt jee 2017

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