JEE concepts explained using 2D and 3D animation

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With lakhs of students sitting for JEE each year, there are numerous coaching institutes and JEE self-study package that the students can join for guidance. Though most of the coaching centers use the traditional blackboard methods to teach.

At Kaysons Education, in the self-study program, the lectures by eminent IITians have given lectures which explain given subjects with 2D and 3D animation.

JEE concepts explained using 2D and 3D animation

JEE concepts explained using 2D and 3D animation

The popularity of using 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional animations and graphics in pre-recorded DVDs helps the students to visually understand and remember the topic better. Using animation has benefits which the JEE preparation modules have utilized it for helping the students understand the concepts better. The simple diagrams take on a more interesting level when the student sees it in three dimensional and gets to understand more about it as the animation starts. How a pump works can be read about but if you see it happening, you are more likely to remember it.

Importance of animation in education

The main reasons that animation has become an important aspect of education are that it provides more interactive learning and for JEE aspirants getting the basic concepts cleared is essential. Now teachers do not use static graphics while explaining the concept or topic but have a variety of software for converting the graphics into animation for educational purposes.

It is a well-known fact that well-designed and articulate animation can help a student learn better and faster and are an excellent means to help imbibe the difficult topics in JEE syllabus. An example is: Current flow is invisible and ensuring that the students understand the electric circuits correctly the first time is essential. Using 2 D and 3 D animation can help them get it right the first time. Seeing something helps you remember it better than just reading it.

At Kaysons Education, some of the most eminent IIT alumni have recorded over 300 hours of video lectures for JEE that are provided as DVDs and each of them has a liberal dose of 2D and 3D animation for helping students preparing for JEE understand the topics better.  With over 100 hours devoted to each subject in the DVDs, you can understand how important it is for Kaysons Education to help you get the concepts right. Incorporating online assistance, 24/7 subject expert availability and 30,000 online question bank for students enrolled from all over the country and abroad, who consider it important to schedule their own time to study.


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