Facts about JEE Main rank Predictors

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This year brought in a revolutionary change in the JEE pattern of examination. Not only do the applicants have to appear for the JEE Mains to be eligible for JEE Advanced, but 40% weightage is being given to XII class marks. So how do you predict your JEE Main rank?

JEE Main rank Predictors

JEE Main rank Predictors: veryone is eager to know their rank as soon as they give the JEE entrance exam

Everyone is eager to know their rank as soon as they give the JEE entrance exam. From calculating your marks to surfing the various websites to know your approximate marks and tentative ranks, most students do that. The first step is to visit the websites that have posted the answer key and the complete solutions to the JEE Main Entrance exam. You should be careful to look for the answer key that matches your set of question paper as there are different question sets named as A, B, C, D, P, Q, R, S. If you try to match your answers to a different set you may get wrong indication.

Once you have the expected marks then go for the estimated JEE Main rank Predictors. Remember that these Predictors are not completely accurate. They just give you an idea as to where you stand and thus you can keep different options in mind. The Predictors would verify your marks that you have filled in with the previous year cut-offs and also consider the level of toughness of the question paper. After calculating your marks against the data the websites have, your calculated and predicted rank is provided by them.

To get your predicted rank you’ll have to fill all the requirements that the form requires like your state, district, category, email address, mobile number and marks of chemistry, physics and mathematics. Remember that your JEE Main rank would change according to your XII board marks. Now that normalization of marks has been given importance, in a way, it brings all students at the same level of competency. But on the other hand, it brings students within the range of 4-5 marks to vary between hundreds of JEE ranks, as many students’ 12th class marks fit in-between.

Now the top 20 percentile of CBSE, ICSE and other state board in your region will be taken into account. After adding this, it is possible that your rank could either go up or even come down. There are few Predictors that even take your XII marks into consideration and hence those websites give you a more accurate predicted ranking.

Nothing beats hard work and the higher your marks, the higher is your rank. Also unlike the previous years where you could afford to neglect your XII board exams, you cannot do so now.

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