Pressures during JEE preparations – Coaching Class & School

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Balancing the twin pressures during JEE preparations of coaching classes and school is a major problem.
Some of us are lucky and our coaching class is our junior college as well.
But for a large number of us, balancing school and coaching consumes most of our time.

Let’s look at how to handle these pressures.

Coaching Class pressures

In coaching, the main issues tend to be

  1. The rigorous pace of course coverage. If you get left behind once, you are left behind forever!
  2. A lot of coaching institutes also tend to put students in batches according to performance. Students put in a lower batch from a higher one often feel they have been “downgraded” and that the teachers they will get now are going to not be good enough (this is not always true).
  3. Often it becomes difficult to ask doubts in classes due to the size of the class. Or sometimes simply because we may think that the doubt might expose our lack of basic understanding of the topic.

Handling pressures during JEE preparations – Coaching Classes

  • Dealing with all these coaching class problems in a simple and quiet manner is easy.
    If you are unable to follow any topic in the coaching class, the best way out is to watch video lectures of these topics. Youtube is full of reasonable video lectures on various topics for free. But since they are free, you can ever be sure that the teacher (even though he or she may be well meaning and sincere) may have left out some topics/ not covered them well enough.
  • If you want to make absolutely sure that topics are fully covered, then you can go for professionally made, pre-recorded video lectures as well (like those offered by Kaysons).
    Another way of dealing with these problems is to simply ignore them and focus on completing your course. At the end of the day, it will not matter whether you completed the syllabus with your coaching class or later, which batch you were in etc. etc.

What will matter is how you perform in JEE Mains and JEE Advance. Focus only on that.

Handling pressures during JEE preparations – School related pressures


Teachers in schools tend to berate coaching classes for JEE preparation and when they come to know that a particular student is enrolled in one, they sometimes tend to target their anger at such students. Nowadays it’s easy to deal with such teachers – simply tell them that since the JEE Mains and Boards syllabus is in sync, you have to study for boards as well and thus school is important.
But sometimes, even if you tell this to teachers, they may question the utility of coaching classes and any preparation material for JEE. My simple advice to you is to just not talk to teachers about whether you are preparing for JEE or not. There is no point arguing with such teachers or hoping that they will understand. They usually won’t. Just keep a low profile in class and steer clear of such teachers. If you get hurtful taunts from such teachers like “you cannot even solve this classroom/ boards problem, what is the use of your JEE preparation” just ignore them.
Being not able to solve a simple question in class, under pressure from a mean teacher and in front of your classmates does not mean anything.
It happened to me so many times in my school in class XI & XII that I lost count in the end and could not be bothered at all.


Attendance can sometimes be a problem in school as well. School often looks like a big time waste to a student preparing sincerely for the JEE and there is always a temptation to take leaves and study.
My sincere advice is:

  • Make sure that you attend school regularly – attendance problems can become a real nuisance towards the end especially in class XII. This will take your focus away from preparations during a critical period.
  • The best way to deal with free time (or time wasted in school) is to take a set of problems to practice with you to school daily and just solve them whenever you feel that your time’s getting wasted.

Well – that was the final part on dealing with the various psychological pressures that students typically face during JEE preparations.
I hope you found the series helpful – please do use the comments section for any doubts/ observations you may have.

Manas Kapoor

Love to write about JEE mains and Advance Manas Kapoor

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