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The pressure of exams brings a big burden on the students. Some of them may be well prepared and it may not be the case for some, but when it comes to impending exams all are at the same level. The main rush is to finish the portion as soon as possible and then sit about revising what has been studied. But what people don’t understand that such an approach will not necessary help things. The general trend is rather to mug up everything rather than understand the concept and that has indirectly destroyed the concept of revision.

Revision Fundamentals

It is necessary to revise as it is a finer adaptation of what you have studied and how you are about to represent it in the paper. But the ideal individual is unable to create a correct approach toward revision and some pointers could Tips and tricks for preparations of JEE main – 2014really help you out.

  • Schedule– Create a schedule for the revision topics. Revision is not meant to be irritating and frustrating, so scheduling a routine of what you are going to revise and when will surely help matters. Also, the topics or subjects that you are not well prepared in, could be granted more time in the schedule as decided by you.
  • Procrastination– Many people actually remain as to how they should start to revise. They make all the necessary arrangements, but are unable to figure out how to start. It needs a bit of determination and focus. Try not getting distracted as much and you can achieve that by turning off all the gadgets and getting off the internet for a while. Prioritizing revision is considered as revision half done.
  • Location– A good location is very important to study at. Choose a place where it suits you and with the ideal environment, at least you will not have to worry about anything else than the studies.
  • Style– People have diverse styles of revising be it writing down important points and revising them, drawing pictures or representations, spider maps, etc. One needs to recognize their own method in order to betterStart preparing notes grasp the various topics.
  • Revision mates– It is always advisable to revise in a group as the inputs of the various people could effectively help in understanding the topic better than you could do on your own. Apart, from that reviewing with fellow mates also instills a sense of confidence that you will not get when you study alone.
  • Relax– All the above tips are considered futile if you cannot relax. The approach towards any exam is defined by how well you can steady yourself before going in for the kill. Take the regular amount of breaks and refill your energy drinks to be replenished and refreshed at all times.

Final Views

In order to gain a successful result in an exam, it is necessary to study the right amount, but as seen above it is necessary to relax and revise, as these are the two mantras that will transform a good preparation into a good result.

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