The best study material is a key to success in JEE

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As IIT JEE is a national level exam so number of students are applied across the country. Students generally get confused about the study material because of the huge number of books are available in the market. Which is the best study material for the preparation of IIT JEE is the most critical question of the aspirants. So here we sum up some of the critical parameters that should be seen by the students while choosing the study material. Students should consider the names of Authors, it should be written by the IIT graduates (who have successfully cracked the IITJEE). The IITians can understand the psychology behind the successful preparation for IITJEE. Books for the IIT preparation should be based on the ‘New IIT-JEE Pattern’.

One of the biggest problem that faced by many students is the management of time. As we know the latest pattern of the JEE Mains is completely objective type. So students need to solve more number of sample papers in order to get familiar with the examination patter. Students can also prefer for the IIT tutorials which are designed under the expert guidance. Experts also provide some tricks to solve more objective questions like eliminating of wrong alternatives, modulating the speed, intelligent guessing, speed reading etc.

Key to success in JEE

Key to success in JEE: Students need to solve more number of sample papers in order to get familiar with the examination patter

So elect that kind of study material which benefits students in the synchronized study.

Now coming on the most prominent books for the subjects. For Mathematics fundamentals you can go with the M.L. Khanna’s book. S.L. Loney’s trigonometry and coordinate geometry will be very useful. No other book will more good than H.C. Verma’s Physics book. For the Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry you can purchase O.P. Tondon book. Students can also prefer R.C. Mukherjee’s Physical Chemistry. Students can buy any of these books for the preparations but without proper planning and time management all efforts will be gone in vain. So it is advised to the JEE aspirants to make their fundamentals right with the perfect study materials for IIT JEE. In a nutshell “practice is the most significant aspect to crack IIT JEE so keep practicing daily and that will see you get through the exam.”

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I am a MBA Graduate, Creative thinker, blogger . Guiding student preparing for JEE for over 5 years. Have worked in Bansal Classess Kota from 2008 to 2013. In these 5 years I have understood much about What JEE is and What it takes to be an IITian. You can follow me on Google

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