Last 3 months before JEE Mains – Dos and Don’ts

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“And the athletes are at the final stage of the marathon. It has been a long and tiresome journey but they have persisted. There are a few clear leaders but most of them are grouped in the middle. They continue to run, trying to find the last bit of reserve energy in them to push them out from the rest of the crowd. Oh, what an exciting finish this promises to be … “

Sorry – I got carried away. Was trying to imitate Olympic style commentary for the JEE.

It’s the last 3 months guys!! JEE Mains is just around the corner.

I bet that a lot of you are either having trouble revising, or finishing the course. A lot of you are nervous and must be feeling overawed.
Not to worry, we all face it – chapters not done because we hate them, a particular subject not practiced fully (usually it’s Physics), being unable to solve a few problems that we had solved earlier in our preparations etc.
It’s all a part of the preparations. But a lot of us make a few critical mistakes in this stage of our preparation, which prove to be fatal to clearing JEE Mains.

Below are a few Dos & Don’ts for the coming JEE Mains

Last 3 months before the Mains: Don’ts

  • Don’t lose confidence at this stage. It’s the worst stage to lose confidence. Remember that you have prepared for quite some time. All those efforts will pay off. As Krishna says in the Gita – nothing ever goes to waste. Believe in the efforts you have already put in. They have helped develop your brain and your aptitude for the test has increased.
  • Don’t get frustrated by looking at friends around you scoring more than you. There is still a lot of time. 3 months is an eternity. You can finish off topics you had left earlier (selectively) and you can try to build up sub-topics you are weak in.
  • Don’t become lax, even if you have completed the syllabus and are comfortable with all subjects. Keep practicing. If you start to slacken now (thinking that you have things under control), there are chances that you may end up not revising and reviewing well, resulting in a poor showing on the day of the exam. Even if you feel you are near the top, remember that as in a marathon, the distance between you and other serious contenders is at the most a few hundred meters. It will not take them long to catch up to you if you reduce your pace and start feeling relaxed.
  • Don’t get back onto social media, TV watching, web-surfing, game playing etc. Keep them out of your life till JEE Advanced.
  • Don’t take the rankings seriously or lightly (given by your coaching institute’s test series) . These rankings are not really very accurate as they are based on a small sample or sometimes, dodgy algorithms. Do take these rankings as an indicator of the strength of your preparations only. The best thing is to compare your score with last year JEE Mains cut-offs.

Last 3 months before the Mains – Dos

  • Do start revising all topics one by one. Whether you are revising them from text-books, from classroom notes of coaching, from coaching material, from video lectures like those of Kaysons education etc., start the revision immediately. Make an excel sheet of topics revised and tick them off one by one. Where possible, while revising, make a quick 2 page summary of the topic (to be used when revising next), then do a number of practice problems.
  • Do questions from past papers for sure. Not doing questions asked previously is a bit silly. Do not rely on your coaching material to have covered all the past questions. Get a book of past exam questions and do questions from all topics
  • Do questions from question banks (online, like that of Kaysons or offline of your coaching center) – especially tough questions. It is necessary to keep doing such questions to keep your skills polished.
  • Take a JEE Mains type test series weekly. If you are not enrolled for such a test series, get enrolled. Kaysons education, for e.g., runs a free JEE Mains test every Sunday. Talk to them, enroll for the test, give the test. Get used to giving 3 hour tests without any distractions and with full concentration.
  • Develop a regular sleep routine today. If you were studying till late in the night, stop that and bring your clock back to normal. Also develop a healthy meal routine. If you can squeeze in even half an hour of exercise (even just brisk walking will do), its great. Latest research shows that brain’s plasticity (the ability of the brain to form more neuronal connections and thus become more “aware”) is linked with physical activity.
    Very little physical activity indeed makes Jack a dull boy (and Jill a dull girl)
  • Finish off topics you had left earlier (there is still a lot of time – you should stop doing any new topic only 1 month before the exam). The best way to go about doing this is to first listen to video lectures (like those of Kaysons education) so you can understand the topic well quickly. Then, study the topic from your coaching material or reference book, practice problems (easy, mid level and then tough). And the topic is done. You may want to make a 2 page summary to review the topic later on as well.

We hope the above list of Dos and Don’ts will make sure that you avoid typical pitfalls faced during this stage of the preparation. It is a critical phase, and you must bring in your full concentration into your preparations now, throwing aside all fears and apprehensions.
It’s not over till it’s over … especially with the JEE!

Manas Kapoor

Love to write about JEE mains and Advance Manas Kapoor

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