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Let’s Rejoice the Christmas festival

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India is known for its diversity. India is blessed with many cultures and religions, offering many delightful festivals. The festival of Christmas is one of the dazzling festivals of India. Basically it is a festival of Christian people but today every religion people is participating equally to celebrate this festival with happiness. Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th December as it is believed that this is a birthday of Jesus Christ. This festival is a symbol of love, tolerance and the brotherhood. Gone are the days when people used to celebrate their own traditional festivals only. Now they actively participate in every festival of other religions. No doubt Christians have their own religious values of Christmas but other peoples enjoys this festival to take a pleasure of this festival. Christmas is humanity and mankind celebration so throughout the world is celebrate this festival with full zest.

This cheerful festival also gives wonderful opportunity for the business prospects by offering high discount and sales.Merry Christmas People buy gifts and exchange gifts to their dear ones for developing affection and love. Gift is a best way to show your feeling and when it is given in any occasion then the value of gift is doubled for sure. On this occasion people crazily buy new cloths and variety of things to decorate their houses and cook delicious foods. People decorate their houses with the many beautiful colorful star shaped lamps and many other decorative ornaments. Christmas trees are embellished with the bells and other small trinkets.  The preparation of this festival is started from a week ago; the church, club and the school choirs celebrate with the cakes and many other eatables to greet people. People sing Christmas hymns to extol Lord Jesus Christ. The merriment of Christmas is celebrated in a special midnight mass event with the special prayers. This prayer session is goes on for couple of hours in the remembrance of this “Saviour” who lost his life to save our life. After this prayer session people go back to their home and enjoy full night with the peaceful feeling.

Not only Christians, all religions people celebrate the Christmas festival enthusiastically. It is a great day for children as well, they enjoyed this festival by burning loads of crackers, eat cakes sing “Jingle bell jingle bell” poem and passionately wait for the red and white dressed Santa Claus who is supposed to come and distribute gifts from his big bag. On the religious node, Christmas is a western festival. But today, especially in urban India, is adapting western celebrations and celebrate in their own way. Most important is that, this festival brings sheer happiness and the feeling of togetherness. The celebration of Christmas is started from the Christmas evening and goes on till the night 12. People wish “Merry Christmas” to each other. In India, this day i.e. 25th December is said as “Bada Din”. People believe that this is the longest day of the year. Let’s celebrate Christmas in a spectacular way.

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