Light tomorrow with today-Give your life a new direction

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It is believed that if you light tomorrow with today you will find new avenues in life. But why is that so? How is today and tomorrow interdependent? The rationale behind this is quite simple. Today is your present and tomorrow your future. Only by making efforts in the present can we ensure that our future will be bright and hopeful.

An interesting example of the above is the famous cuckoo bird. Now this bird determines at night that it will build alight tomorrow with todaylight tomorrow with today nest for it self during the day but fails to do so and sleeps through out. Again when night approaches it cries and thinks that it missed an opportunity to builds its nest. If the bird had made use of his “today” he would have lit up his “tomorrow” by having a nice nest for himself.

Similarly when we make best of our “today” we bring about joy for “tomorrow” and many days in future. Let us look at some interesting tips on how to light tomorrow with today.

Have a futuristic approach to life: Most of us don’t look far into the future. Either we live in the past or only focus on the present. But to be able to build ones tomorrow one needs to plan for the future. Today is the best time to chart out your future. The building blocks for tomorrow will be laid in the present only. A futuristic approach is a very progressive way to live and is advised by most philosophical gurus the world over.

light your tomorrow with todayFocus on the present that is your today: To have a futuristic approach goes hand in hand with focusing on the present. If you do not work hard today how will you build tomorrow? Focus on the task at hand and the path forward will open up. This is guidance given by top leaders around the world. You might not find the correct place for you immediately but as long as you work at something you will find your calling and tomorrow will be decided by today.

Don’t pressurize yourself, take it easy: Even though I have said to focus on the present it doesn’t mean that you will pressurize yourself into completing everything today. Over doing things will only tire you and wear you out. It is important to be wise and plan out how you will go about your activities.

Make clear cut goals: Once you have goals in front of you, you will be able to ensure a bright future. Let’s sayThe Way To Success today you decide to meet up with the doctor for a health check and you do it without delaying; this means you are ensuring good health for the future. Or let’s say you plan to study according to your schedule and actually sit to do it, then you are making causes for an easy future. This way you are building tomorrow with today.

So don’t put off the job for another day when it can be done immediately. You are the master of your own life and can take it in any direction you want. So just walk the right path and success will kiss your feet!

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