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Makar Sankranti – Festival to learn grow higher

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Makar Sankranti is the next day after lohri. It is celebrated as one of the sacred festivals in the hindu religion and isHappy Lohri famous in almost entire India as well as Nepal. Makar Sankranti is also connected to harvest. It is the sole festival in India that is celebrated on the same date every year i.e. 14th January. However sometimes it exceptionally falls on 13th or 15th January.

It signifies the beginning of spring season in the country. It is assumed that on Makar Sankranti the Sun starts revolving from the Capricorn tropic to the northern hemisphere so it determines the occasion in which Sun appears to call his kids and blesses them to rise higher in their life. So this festival teaches us to follow the light and leave the dark.

In hindu religion, the Sun symbolizes the skills, sacred light and treasure. The festival gives us a lesson that we should give up our bad habits that are called as negative power or darkness and start living a glowing life and grow higher with brightness. We should follow purity and knowledge just like the Sun.

Makar Sankranti is mostly worthy among the Northern and southern Hindus. This occasion is popular in the different names among various cultures as offered to see in the different states of India.  As our India has been spread over the vast area and consists of variety of cultures, there different reasons can be found to celebrate Makar Sankranti such as on the base of weather, agriculture, civilization and geography. The most popular thing to do is flying kites by kids and elders.

Sankrant celebrations

Makar Sankranti is a vast agricultural occasion that is celebrated in the different regions of the country. It is also related with winter solstice by many people. They assume that sun completes its revolution at Capricorn tropic on this day and now directs to Cancer Tropic in the middle January. The motion of Sun among zodiac signs is known as Sankranti and change in its position to Capricorn sign is called as Makar Sankranti.

Besides of its correlation with harvest, Makar Sankranti also signifies the inception of a sacred phase in India that is called as holy phase of conversion. It determines the end of unfavorable time and offers the sacred period to begin any religious task among the Hindus. Above of all, we learn to follow truth and light from this festival to get success in our life.

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