Managing Time for Board and IIT JEE

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Boards or JEE? This question leaves a number of students stumped after passing out from 10th standard and more often than not, the students chose to focus on the latter. However, with the 12th standard board marks now holding importance in terms of obtaining a good rank in JEE, it no longer a choice between the 2 and the students have to strike the perfect balance between the preparations for both JEE and Board exams.

In essence, the courses for both these exams are the same. A majority of chapters to be covered for both are the same, with the only difference being in the level of the questions asked and the application of the concepts. Kaysons Education helps you maintain this balance with its well-planned course structure and an effective methodology. The two main programs that help the students balance their studies for both boards and JEE include:

  1. Kaysons Video Lectures for IIT JEE

IIT- JEE Video Lectures

The whole course for JEE is divided into 440 video lectures in the Kaysons video lectures for IIT JEE. With the duration of all the lectures being 20 to 40 minutes, students can cover the topics with greater ease and in less time. The biggest advantage that you get with these lectures is that the experienced IIT faculty covers each of the topics in 4 different levels. Starting from the conceptual level, the level increases gradually to the school and boards level. Once the students are well versed in the school level questions the lectures move onto advanced level and finally onto ranker’s level. This gradual increase in levels makes sure that you strike the perfect balance between the preparations for both JEE and boards.

  1. Kaysons IIT JEE Question Bank

IIT JEE Question bank

Practicing the questions is an integral part of the preparation for any exam. With the Kaysons question bank for IIT JEE you get more than 60,000 questions of different levels, right from the conceptual to the advanced levels. The different levels of questions helps you get great practice for board exams and JEE equally.


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