Marks vs Rank approach

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The latest approach to studies is that pupils ought to be very studious at whatever the subjects they aim at because in the modern competitive world, it is very hard to keep their place if you cannot be consistent and deliver a performance of the highest category. It is quite probable to do that, but it requires to have the best level of concentration at all times. These have led to the escalation of marks in the recent times as more and more people are motivated to do well and as a result the level of marks one needs to have a decent chance of getting into good institute is quite high. And the trend is going to continue till an unforeseeable period.Marks vs Rank

Do ranks define marks?

When we come to ranks, we directly see them as totally dependent on the marks one obtains. But the scenario is fast changing. A lot more of the things are taken into consideration nowadays and as a result the rank is not in totality, a representation of the marks one has obtained. It has incurred a general note of disapproval from the community as people generally think, for getting into higher education as the marks are thought to be an apt representation. But what they refuse to understand is that the scenario has changed totally. The general aptitude of a student with regard to only marks is not considered to be what is required in the current market.

The predictor system

RankWhen it comes to going for higher studies though, the marks are still the majority of the factor that is taken into account for calculating ranks in various entrance exams. The average student wants to be an engineer or a doctor and once the exams have been conducted, the students of various places around the nation are more than eager for their fate to be sealed through their ranks for the respective exams.

One of the approaches to know whether they will get their desired college or their desired stream in their college, even before the results of the several exams are out, is by checking the rank vs mark predictor. These predictors are a calculated move that has been introduced by many educational websites to reassure students to a certain amount that their performance has not gone in vain, and provide the much needed confidence to the students.

These predictors work on a very simple principle. The trends in the ranks awarded by various institutes in previousMarks vs Rank years, are studied by the developers and hence they can figure out the pattern on hoe the marks of a student can affect the ranking. Thus, based on the formula they can estimate the module of a software which can predict a near accurate range of rank one might get on the basis of marks that he has obtained, or he thinks he will obtain.

The rank predictor has been found to be fairly accurate to an extent, and a good endorser of the marks vs rank philosophy.

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