The historic merging of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced 2015!

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merging iit-jeeHere is good news! Now do away with double effort of trying to clear both JEE mains and JEE advanced exams as the HRD Ministry has decided to have a common entrance test for this prestigious exam in 2015. Now students can lighten the burden on their shoulders as it has become much easier and student friendly. 

Till 2014 students had to first sit for JEE Mains and then JEE Advanced to be able to get a seat for engineering. JEE advanced scores were important in securing a good college.

Initially there was another added test for this but all that has been shelved. This common entrance test will bag the student a seat in 16 IITs or Indian institute of technology and ISM Dhanbad as well as NITs.

Out of the 1.4 million students who gave the JEE advanced exam only 1,50,000  students were given permission to get admission in the prestigious colleges while others had to opt for the usual run of the mill ones. Between NIT IIT and ISM Dhanbad there were a total of 96000 seats available for students.

The main reason for the shift in the system is that the authorities want to minimise the number of seats being left out by students. The students tend to apply in  both IIT and NIT and by choosing one out of the two they leave seats vacant This has been a concern for the HRD Ministry and they are now taking action to correct things by going for common counselling for JEE. This news has been notified to all the prestigious colleges like NIT IIT and ISM. 

From the student’s point of view they are not at fault as because of the growing competition they want to secure all possibilities and apply for a seat in IIT while looking for the subject of their choice in NIT. When they opt for one, they leave the other vacant. With common counselling system the student will get only one option to choose from and if it’s not acceptable then the student can go to any other college they want to.

According to the students they are more concerned about the burden being off their shoulders, than the recovery of vacant seats. They are thinking about how they can secure the best without having to sweat it out. After all the system should be student friendly.

The students’ welfare should be of utmost importance. Kudos to the HRD Ministry! 

Manas Kapoor

Love to write about JEE mains and Advance Manas Kapoor

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