JEE Main Exams: Most Scoring Topics of Chemistry, Maths, Physics

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What to study and what to leave is a most crucial question for every aspirant in the last moment. Selecting the right topics for the maximum concentration is always important task; not only for cracking JEE Mains but also for getting high rank. Though the syllabus is very vast and deep study for the entire syllabus is also very important. So, at the time of exam selective topics need to get more concentration. Topics that need less concentrations or more concentration can be identified by the effective and experienced guidance. It will really create a drastic change in your results. For the effective assistance in the last moment students should prefer to go with fast track revision packages for JEE Main.

Important topics for JEE Main 2015 Exam

As we know, there is no thumb rule for the importance of topics. Still some topics form the basis of the entire subject. So it becomes pertinent to fast track JEE main 2015 preparation by focusing more on these topics. Here we mention some scoring topics of every subject.

  • In Physics: Understanding of Kinematics and Dynamics is very essential. Theory of Fields (Electromagnetism) isMost scoring topics in JEE Main exams another very important topic. Wave optics, rotation, Current electricity, SHM, and Modern Physics, are some other important topics.
  • In Chemistry: Physical Chemistry is most scoring topic. Solid state, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, chemical bonding, P block and d block and coordination chemistry, are other important topics.
  • Mathematics: Calculus is very important topic. Other scoring topics are Sequences, determinants, Permutation and Combination. Student must be well versed to relate the complex numbers with Coordinate Geometry and Vectors, three dimensional geometry is also very scoring.

These are certain topics in every subject which find application in all other chapters. Spending comprehensible time on these topics may boost the overall result of JEE Main. Disclosing of these important topics doesn’t mean to ignore other topics you have to study as much as possible. Practice makes man perfect so practice more to be perfect. You should study all the topics but focus more and practice more on these important topics. Aspirants go through complete revision package for JEE Main to get good rank in IIT JEE. 

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