Mugging fails, Don’t panic —Revise for JEE

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JEE is one of the most prestigious exams of the country. IIT JEE 2014 is just coming to your door so stop mugging andMugging fails,don't panic act smartly. So, it’s high time to revise all the topics of the syllabus. Don’t waste your time to think about what to study and what is important for the exams. Everything is important and you will have to study everything.   In the last days of the exam you must follow complete revision package for JEE advance. Revise all the important concepts and formulae the day before the exam.

Short notes:

In the last days of the exams, short notes help a lot. As students won’t have enough time to go through the entire syllabus so these short notes will be a good move. Make these notes as you feel comfortable to study in the last time. Don’t get nervous and stressed. Fast track revision package for JEE advance enable you cope up with the last minute stress. Try to give equal time to each of PCM subjects during the exam time.

What students think:

As the exam time coming near, students are getting more and more nervous. Every student thinks that he will not perform well or will loosen their confidence.  It’s not the time to get nervous; you will have to get rid of this attitude. Just relax as much as you can and keep your mind cool. It is a mind game; one who plays better can win. If anything is difficult for you then it will also difficult for everyone. So study more and more with positive attitude.

Summary of the important concepts:

Summarize important concept is very essential because the syllabus is vast to revise all in the last moment. In last time mostly students do not cram all the topics due to lack of time. They also feel difficulty to memorize what they studies earlier. So at the time of studying, try to make summary of important concepts so that you will comfortably revise in the last time. For revision students can also use quick revision package for JEE advance.

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