Convert negative marking in JEE to positive

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The changing pattern has brought about drastic changes in the JEE entrance examination. Though negative marking was never apart of JEE, now it has become an important aspect to consider and can drastically reduce your chances if you are trying your luck with the answers. The real reasons behind the major upheavals in the JEE have been made to ensure that students with real understanding not just rote memory get to make the cut and enter IITs.

Convert negative marking in JEE to positive

Convert negative marking in JEE to positive: Kaysons education

The disadvantage of negative marking is that you tend to lose marks from the correct answers, if you answer wrong for any question. Thus, only answer if you are 100% sure about the correct answer for each question that you attempt and answer incorrectly, you will lose marks. It is extremely frustrating, but a fact now. Thus it is important to know how to appear in the examinations while ensuring that you lose the least marks due to negative marking.

The first step is to know the complete JEE Mains syllabus well and have your concepts clear so that you do not make mistakes in the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). The options to answers have very similar answers so you need to be quick, think fast analyze and calculate correctly. It is extremely challenging but do-able if you study hard, stay sincere to your schedule and have string concepts.

To clear JEE Mains is easier than JEE Advanced and you need to complete the JEE Main 2014 course along with comprehensive study of the NCERT books as many questions are from the 11th and 12th class syllabus. To ensure that negative marking does not affect your rank and you are still able to score well, for a better rank, ensure that you answer the questions where you know the answers 100%. Then move on to questions that will need time to calculate and once that is done, move on to questions which you think you know the answers.

Though it has adversely affected students ranks, the main reason that negative marking has become an integral part of the JEE Mains is that IITS want to do away with rote memory and only select students who are apt at analyzing, have the required logical and reasoning skills. Thus, you’ll need to work accordingly and revise well. Most of the topics, formulae and calculations should be at your fingertips by the time you sit for the exams.

It is better that you take mock tests online to ensure you are comfortable with the examination pattern before you actually sit for the real exam. And in case you are really unsure about the answers to

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