New Year- Study Hard for JEE 2015 Exam

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As the year 2014 draws to a close, there is one event of astronomical importance that is drawing close as far as engineering aspirants are concerned. The JEE-2015, to be held in April, is surely the first thing that comes to the mind of every engineering aspirant on being asked about the most important event of the coming year. Add to that the board exams that the students will have to take prior to the Joint Entrance Exam and you get a heady mix of exams going into the year 2015. For the students who are beginning their preparations for around this time, the best resolution you can take into the New Year is to Study Hard. Following are a few tips that will be helpful during the course of the next 4 months:


  1. Plan:


Yes you started late, yes it is big mountain to climb and yes it is not the easiest of paths. However, a systematic plan will definitely be of great help when you try to scale this mountain. Plan according to the subjects and topics to be covered and not according to the number of hours.


  1. Fine-tune the basics:

Since the JEE covers topics from both 11th and 12th standard, make sure that you start with covering the basics from both the classes. This should come in handy for even the board exams, making it easier for you to balance JEE and boards. You can register for the Kaysons Video Lectures, which help you with all the details during the preparation. This program has been designed to cover the entire class 11th and 12th syllabus through 440 lectures, each with duration of 20 to 40 minutes. With each topic being covered in detail and in far less time than it would take you to complete on your own, these video lectures give you a great platform for preparation.

  1. Practice:


With the students up against a time constraint, it is often a temptation to just study the topics and skip solving the problems based on each topic. This approach however is the last thing that should come to a student’s mind. Practicing the questions for each topic will improve your preparation levels infinitely. The Kaysons video lectures for IIT JEE include more than 6000 questions and their solutions, making it easier for the students to prepare. The online study material for JEE also includes a vast question bank with over 3000 questions covering the entire syllabus.

  1. Test Yourself:

Test Yourself (2)

Being a competitive exam JEE depends on the other’s scores as well in addition to your own performance. It is always a good idea to take up a national level test series and test yourself on a regular basis, just to know where you stand. The Kaysons IIT JEE Test Series provides an excellent platform for this purpose, with a large number of students from all over India registered for the tests.

  1. Motivation:


Not to sound all preachy here, but keeping yourself motivated throughout the course of your preparation will go a long way in helping you crack the JEE. There is a tough task ahead of you but surely achievable. Just put in an honest effort and hard work and JEE-2015 will be a source of good news for you. Happy New Year!

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