Normalization JEE Mains

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There is a lot of curiosity and questions in the minds of the students especially now that the pattern of IIT JEE has changed to JEE Mains and Advance. Here are some of the common questions that the students have asked us.

What is normalization of marks?

The process of ensuring that students are not at an advantage or disadvantage by the difficulty in the level of the Board exam, normalization of marks is done by calculating the percentile.  The formula that is used is:

100 x (Number of students with total marks less than the specific student ÷ Total no. of candidates in the group).

Formula for Normalization of Marks for JEE Mains

Formula for Normalization of Marks for JEE Mains

How will the normalized Board marks of 12th class be calculated for the JEE (Main) scores?

The percentile score will be calculated based on the specific Board and that will be considered in the normalization marks. The normalization marks in the Board are calculated as per the individual student’s position in the specific 12th class Board exam.

How will I know the normalization marks considering the JEE (Main) and Board examination marks?

As mentioned above, the percentile marks are calculated on the basis of your position in the 12th Board exam. The JEE (Main) normalization marks that you will get are based on the percentile score.

My JEE (Main) was not good, but got very good marks in the 12th Board exams. Will I get a chance to sit for the JEE (Advance) after the normalized Board marks as percentile is calculated?

No, you would not be allowed. As the weightage of the normalized marks of 12th class boards are only for deciding the JEE rank. The rank is only good for getting admission to the different IIIT, NITs and private engineering colleges. It is not valid for admission to IIT.

Can I take Computer science as the 5th subject as one of the elective subject? Other than that I have one language, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics.

Yes, you can take any of the elective 5th subject out of Chemistry, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Biology, but no subject can be repeated.


Will it help if I take on an additional 6th subject and will its marks replace Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Biology or Computer Science?

No, you cannot replace any subject as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are compulsory while one language and one subject from Biology/Computer Science and Biotechnology can to be selected.

I have only 4 subjects in my 12th Board exams. Can I sit for JEE and get admission in IIIT and NITs?

For this specific year, students with 4 subjects are being considered but you have to meet the subject criteria of JEE Mains. No work experience and similar subjects will be considered for normalization scores.

In my 12th class board exams, I got 410 out of 500 marks while the JEE (Main) score is 175. I am confused about the normalization score that I will get. Can you tell me?

The normalization marks are directly calculated based on your percentile score in the specific Board. Equal marks of JEE (Main) and 12th class Board percentile will be taken to get the normalization marks.

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