What Is The Normalization Process For 12th Class and JEE (Main) Marks?

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With the recent change in the education and examination system, JEE Interface Group made significant changes in the 2013 IIT-JEE entrance examinations. As per the procedure, 50% of the 12th class Board examinations are being equated or Normalized by using the percentile method across all boards. Additionally, through anchoring them to JEE (Main) percentile and 50% marks is normalized by equating the JEE percentile marks with the specific Board marks.

Process of Normalization

The aggregate or total marks that are obtained by JEE-Main is computed and then the percentile (P) of the students are calculated based on the basis of the board examination wherein each exam is conducted is marked out of 100 marks in each subject. The percentile is computed based on all of the students’ marks in respect to the subject combinations adhering to JEE Main criteria. The Normalization formula is C= 0.6* Ao + 0.4* B (final). Here the Bfinal is the Board percentile and Ao is the total marks obtained in JEE (Main). The final rank is C.


For admission to the IIT, it has been decided that the Normalization marks of Boards and the JEE Main will be considered in the ratio of 60:40 and then merit list will be computed on that basis. The five subjects that are being considered in the 12th class Board examination as a qualification for normalization include Physics, Mathematics, 1 language, choice between Biotechnology/Computer Science/ Chemistry/ Biology. And 1 more subject that is different from all of these.


The normalization marks are based on the Board percentile rank and the JEE (Main) percentile is considered. But if you need to calculate the normalized board marks, it is difficult to do that on your own, as you require knowing all the marks of the students that have appeared in that specific board examination which is wide. And you’ll need to know the marks in the JEE (Main) as well.


With the different changes that are there in the JEE format and ensuring results of the JEE Main and Advance, it is best to understand that you need to be completely prepared before you sit for the exams. You need to have an extremely well Board result as well as a good JEE score to get a high rank. It is good to stay scheduled and use effective time management techniques while you study so that you are completely well-versed in all aspects of the 12th class and IIT-JEE entrance syllabus.

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