Olacabs on the expansion with hiring of 40 IIT-Bombay students

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IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay

Olacabs, the mobile application based private taxi operator firm founded by 2 IIT-Bombay students, is on an expansion drive, with the IITs being the main target institutions for hiring. 40 students from the founders’ alma mater IIT-Bombay have already been hired and the company has made close to 143 offers at different IITs around the country, with a target to hire around 200 IITians this year.

The recent Delhi rape case put the private taxi operators under scrutiny, but undeterred by the chain of events, Olacabs plans to expand its business to several more cities beyond the 28 it is already operational in. With the plan including expansion to 100 cities by the next year, the company hopes to involve the technical expertise from India’s premier institutions in its operations.

So what is it that makes the innovative start-ups such as Ola chose IITs as their destinations when on a hiring drive? The answer is multi-fold:

  • Technical expertise: This is the most obvious and well known reason. The IITians are well known for their ability to translate the theoretical aspects into the perfect application and who better to know that than the founders of Ola.
  • Slogging it out: It’s a common requirement for all start-ups, the ability to give it all for each task and IITians, with all those assignments and long hours put in before each exam, have just the right training for the task.
  • The ability to handle each surprise: IITs are notoriously famous for their surprise tests and quizzes and over the four years, each student is battle hardened to take each surprise head-on.
  • Handling the pressure: Last but not the least, each student in the IITs has a unique ability to handle any pressure cooker situation thrown at them.

The students too are excited by the prospect of joining Olacabs, keeping up with the current trend of the brightest minds in the country preferring to join start-up organizations in order to gain more hands-on experience and be a part of the decision making process.

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