Premier IITs Focus – 2015

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With every New Year, comes a list of things to do. This is applicable for all organizations and people and seemingly the IITs are not so different when planning on things to do for the year. This year too, the directors, deans, education analysts and alumni heads for the premier IIT institutes in the country came together to come up with the roadmap for 2015. Following are the key decisions taken:

  1. IIT- Bombay

IIT- bombay                                                                    image source

A decision has been taken to provide a push to the incubation of new ideas beyond the simple start-ups. The thought process behind this is to make sure that the ideas being worked on are sustainable in nature and have the potential to grow to a large scale in the future. The institute also plans to work towards the hiring of international faculty.

  1. IIT Madras

IIT - Madras                                                                    image source

According to the Director, Mr. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, the institute will focus will be on R&D and the growth of PhD students, which is expected to grow from 200 to 400 per year in the next 4 years. Plans are in place to revamp most of the curriculum, providing enhanced choices for students, especially for the students of the inter-disciplinary areas. The institute is also looking to start bilateral exchange programs with top universities from all over the globe, along with increase in the number of joint PhD programs. IIT Madras intends to increase its presence in the top journals and also increase the funded research, which would industry-funded R&D.

  1. IIT- Kanpur

IIT - Kanpur                                     image source

IIT Kanpur is planning to increase its faculty base in 2015. Plans are also in place to increase the number of PhD students, with an aim of enhancement in research work, which would lead to a larger number of technology-based innovations.

  1. IIT- BHU

IIT - BHU                                    image source

IIT BHU looks to provide more hands-on experience for the students. While earlier only students of 8th semester could work on live projects, students from 3rd semester onwards will be given that option from this year. This decision has been taken as a part of the initiative Practice-Theory-Practice, which is aimed at ensuring all round growth of the students and offering a chance to get experience in the industry.

  1. IIT- Hyderabad

IIT- Hyderabad

One of the newer IITs, IIT Hyderabad plans to introduce innovative methods of teaching, beyond the traditional methods. The institute intends to implement the Flip method, wherein videos are used in pace of real time classrooms. This method has been in implementation since last year. The institute also plans to increase the focus on research and development in regards to smart cities digital fabrication and off-grid solar. Other plans include commencement of several open online courses in order to reach a large number of students across the country.

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