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JEE examination is just knocking your door. Open the door with full confidence. Your confidence is the only thinglearning starts here tha results success. This confidence will only come by preparing well all the topics of your subjects. Now start your preparation for IIT JEE. Select good study material, you can take help from the teachers or toppers for guiding you regarding books. If you can afford then join any coaching institute but first do some research for the effectiveness of that coaching institute. Don’t take this research casually because coaching institutes can make or can break your future.

Study material:

For better preparation students can go through NCERT books thoroughly. You will have to be well versed about all the topics of your subjects. Students can also refer other books for the deeper understanding of concepts. H.C. Verma book for Physics and S.L. Loney books for Maths is highly recommended by the toppers for the JEE aspirants.

 Learn Basics:

Two years time will give ample opportunities for the better IIT-JEE preparations. Your approach for learning is to strengthen your basics.  Strengthening your basics is the first step and is the most important one for getting success in IIT JEE. Your job will be half done if you are clear with your basics. For this you should start figure out things like you should note down all topics in short. After preparing any topic go through for revision and solve number of questions of that topic. Assign appropriate time to all the subjects.

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 Gaining Topics:

Students believe that Maths is a toughest subject so chill, it’s not that much tough. All you need to do PRACTICE. Aspirants can start with the Trigonometry section; take help from the S.L. Loney book. Students should also cover other topics like Sequences and Series, Co-ordinate geometry. Maths is the key so no need to be worried about MathsDo enough practice to make strong chances of winning in JEE. In Physics start with the Vectors and then move on to Kinematics. Cover other topics of Physics like Thermodynamics, Modern Physics, Optics, Sound and many more. In Chemistry, atomic structure, gaseous state, series, Physical Chemistry, reactions and so on are the main topics to study.



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