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IIT JEE is considered as the mother of all engineering entrance exams. JEE is the hardest exam to crack but now it is no more hard if you prepare early. Students who cleared their 10th now can prepare for the JEE. JEE is the joint engineering entrance exam. To get admission in the top IIT’s, students need to crack two-tier exams i.e. JEE Main and the JEE Advanced. Students who secured good rank in JEE Main can only enter into the JEE Advanced. When you are preparing for IIT JEE 2016, do remember one thing that your marks in Class XII board exams will play a vital role. Selection will be done on the basis of your JEE Main performance and the 12th result. So, students must pay suitable concentration in their board exams also. Here are some other preparation tips for IIT JEE 2016 that you must keep in mind:

  • Start your IIT JEE preparation with Class XII studies. 12th textbooks clearly explain every topic of your subject.preparation starts
  • Students refer to NCERT books that are prepared by many subject experts and these books are quite economical too.
  • Beware of using multiple reference books.
  • List topics according to the priority and clear all the basics.
  • Grill your knowledge time to time.
  • Revise and practice more and more.

Students must go through the good IIT JEE preparation books. It is really needless to say; you should go through your NCERT books because JEE questions are very close to the NCERT so students must cram these books. It is imperative to clear your concepts because JEE is specifically designed to judge your fundamental knowledge. Success is to be achieved always keep in your mind while your preparations. Confidence and the will-power of the students will play the crucial role in achieving success. To build confidence students must have crystal clear knowledge of every topic. JEE Main will check your knowledge so students have two precious years to build high fundamentals. Your high fundamental knowledge will surely give you a right path of success.

Be answerable and confident

Enhance your careerThe examination pattern is regular changing so students should be aware all of these changes and study accordingly.Enhance your careerEnhance your career Students should stick on the conceptual knowledge of all the subjects that are Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Students must make good notes with the help of class lectures and the books. Toppers focus on three things while preparing for the JEE that include Building the concepts, proper application of the concepts and the regular practicing of JEE problems. Now every consequences of JEE is cleared, so students start your preparations with the full confidence and 100% determination. Make up your mind that you will have to clear JEE Main with the good rank. Each subject must be given regular and equal time as JEE preparation requires continuous right effort. Most importantly, make sure you are considering time factor because IIT JEE is the time game. Cracking JEE is the result of two years hard and slogging effort.


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