Preparation tips for IIT JEE 2015

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If you are preparing to sit for IIT-JEE 2015, you know that it is one of the toughest exams to crack. If you are serious about your goal and want to work towards it, there are numerous techniques that can assure you of getting a good rank in the JEE Main and Advanced.


Preparation tips for JEE 2015

Preparation tips for JEE 2015

Ensure that you start studying in advance so that you are not left with any time for revision before the exams. With the changing pattern continuing in 2015, most of the students will have to perform extremely well in the 12th Board along with clearing the JEE Main in the top 1, 50, 000 ranks.


That is why it has become so important not to neglect the NCERT books any longer. For an aspiring JEE candidate, it is essential to adhere to fixed schedule and concentrate on your studies. While here are some more tips to ensure that you succeed and achieve your dreams. For JEE you’ll be competing against lakhs of students while only 9,500 will be selected to study in all of the IITs, so competition is extremely high and with normalization of 12th class marks, it is going to be a tough battle to be able to achieve your dreams. Only those will qualify that have a complete understanding of the syllabus and 11th and 12th class subjects.


Focus and stay motivated: Most students lose the will to study half- way through the year, so it is essential to stay focused, motivated and concen

trate on JEE.  Don’t lose your self-esteem even if you fare low in a mock test or get tired and lose concentration after a few weeks. It makes sense to set a schedule that ensures proper rest and sleep. It is essential to dream big, study hard and then enjoy success.


Study regularly and revise in advance: Don’t wait for the last day to finish your course but study regularly all through the year. Make sure that you have ample time for a minimum of 2 to 3 revisions so that you know you have completely understood the syllabus and are prepared for the exam. Additionally it is important to study regularly instead of mugging up a few days before the exam.


Study with NCERT books and JEE syllabus: To start with, don’t waste another day but start today. It is best to use a few expert tips and start studying with high motivation. Do not neglect the NCERT books as they form the base of the JEE main course and 12th class marks have become extremely important so you cannot ignore it.


Clarity of Concepts: Study from the basics and then build up from there. Most of the multiple choice questions have very similar answers so choosing the right answer can be a task. Only those who understand the fundamentals of the subject will be able to do them quickly, so don’t just pick any book to study but look at the JEE syllabus, start from the basics and then move on.


Stay motivated and think positive that you can achieve your dreams when you study hard. Nothing is impossible when you work towards it.

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