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Initially I thought I would go for regular classes for JEE mains preparation. This made me shudder as I thought it would be difficult with my hectic schedule. Then I came across Kaysons education which enabled me to prepare at the comfort of my home. Now I don’t have to bother travelling far off for classes I just do everything online, it’s so easy! Kaysons was a God send for me!

JEE Main preparation can be tedious; especially if you have to commute up and down to various parts of the city for classes. Getting ready, taking a mode of transport and rushing to reach on time can be very demanding and not so pleasant. What is the solution to this problem? How can things be come easier? How can the system be more student friendly and yet be competitive.

 Kaysons believes in complete hand holding till the end, so it is a sure path to success!

Here is where the online world comes in. With the internet boom everything has become online. From shopping websites to education, one can find all that they need, online. Now Kaysons education vouches for 24/7 online support to students for JEE Mains. They actually do what they say. They do not compromise on delivering the best. Preparation for JEE Mains has now become easier with Kaysons Online support. Now you don’t have to go from place to place trying to prepare. Support is available at your doorstep just a click away. Just log on and you will find the online world waiting to answer all your queries. Truly it is magical world where there is no room for failure or disruption.

With the 24/ 7 schedule you can solve your problems and feel good about it. Especially with the video lectures, which can be viewed anytime, you can feel the comfort of working at your pace. In fact for preparation you can go through the video lectures again and again and clear all doubts. These lectures are comprehensive and easy to understand. They explain the concept in a manner that sticks in the head and you are hence prepared for the examination.

Then there is the 2D and 3 D concept builders online that explain the concept in a clear-cut manner. You will never forget what you have learnt. With this, being online, you can refer to the concept builders anytime, anywhere. Kayson’s USP is this kind of concept building in the minds of students. Now preparation is easy and you can crack any kind of question paper.

Important tips for preparation are firstly be clear about your syllabus. Know what you need to know. Secondly go to a good coaching centre that will empower you. Thirdly go step by step in learning the syllabus, don’t hop skip and jump. Go ever the syllabus repeatedly so that you do not miss out on important points. Boldly ask question, don’t be shy to do so.

Kaysons believes in complete hand holding till the end, so it is a sure path to success!

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Bhawna Sharma

Hi, I am Bhawna Sharma working for Kaysons Education. Students often use to ask me problems related to preparation. So when i saw Kaysons Education Platform to communicate to students I thought it would be nice to get in touch with students this way and help the aspirant with their endeavor. Wishing all the students the very Best for Your exams. you can follow me on

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