Are video lectures essential in preparing for JEE 2014?

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Do you think you learn concepts better by reading and conceptualizing the theory or learn better by seeing models and diagrams? This is the reasons that when you study for IIT JEE, don’t miss out on conceptualized learning through video lectures by JEE subject matter experts.

preparing for JEE via video Lecture

Preparation for JEE 2014 via Video Lectures

Video lectures have become an integral part of preparing for JEE today. There are many students who are enrolled in regular classes yet subscribe to video lectures because it gives them a chance to review the topics at their own convinces. With state of art technology and online support that is provided by experts, you have a chance to ask questions and clarify the doubts as and when you need. There are online forums where you can interact with other students online and clarify your doubts.


Distance education has become the norm for students looking to save time and energy by studying with books, online lectures and DVDs that contain pre-recorded lectures. The major advantage of studying and learning with video lectures is that you can refer to it anytime that you like. Before video lectures become a norm, it was difficult for students looking to study at home get the feel of the classroom with a teacher explaining the concepts. But now, live lectures are interspersed with 2D and 3D animations which explain a concept better than static diagrams in books. So if you are still wondering whether video lectures are essential in preparing for JEE 2014, you know its importance now.


Why use JEE video lectures?


At Kaysons Education, pioneers in video lectures and learning, have a JEE 2014 module that contains over 300 hours of classroom lectures by eminent IIT subject matter experts. Supporting the books and notes, the lectures can be referred time and again to clear any doubts on specific topics and help you refer to them when you revise your course. With better and more visual understanding of the topics in mathematics, chemistry and physics, you’ll be able to move on through the JEE course faster and that ensures better success at cracking not just JEE Mains 2014 but getting a good rank in JEE Advanced 2014.

Usually all recorded lectures have clarity of sound, ease of understanding, animations that help students understand and simple explanation of complex problems. Thus, students aiming to study at IITs but living in remote locations all over India have the benefit of accessing the video lectures online without moving a step from the house. They are able to live their dream and get quality education which would be out of their reach otherwise.

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