Preparing for JEE Kaysons Education helps you find out in which topics you are weak.

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If you are preparing for JEE exam, you know that it takes more than just studying a few hours daily. Cracking JEE requires focused attention, determination and having the right course material to study. When you prepare with JEE Kaysons Education, it helps you find out in which topic you are weak and that gives you a chance to rectify the issues.

Preparing for JEE Kaysons Education helps you find out in which topics you are weak.

Preparing for JEE Kaysons Education helps you find out in which topics you are weak.

Comprehensive JEE preparation package

At Kaysons Education, our endeavor is to help you crack JEE with good marks and with our package you get 300 hours of recorded lectures, guide books exclusively compiled by our eminent IIT experts. There is additional 30,000 question bank that can be accessed online 24/7. It is best to practice 50 to 100 questions a day ensuring that you pay equal attention to Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

It is important to remember that JEE format is such that your fundamentals will be tested, so ensure that you brush up the basics before moving on to more complex questions for higher accuracy. This is one of the main reasons that you should allocate the study hours equally among the three subjects so that you move simultaneously on the same level. Though you might have to devote 10-12 hours of study for a year, it will give you the benefit when you clear IIT-JEE with a high AIR.

Self study with online assistance

With an exceptionally updated and well-compiled JEE preparatory course, Kaysons Education self-study package includes practice problem solving with a time limit while you can time your answers when you practice online questions. Additionally, it will give you an insight about your weak points in all the subjects. This will become a window to putting more effort in your studies particularly in the topics that need better clarity. Speed to solve questions can only be done when you practice constantly and it is one of the key components when you are actually sitting down for the examination.

But keep your self-confidence up at all times and even though it might be trying at times, ensure that you stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Kaysons Education JEE package

  • 29 DVDs,
  • 19 books
  • sample questions along with expert notes . 
  • Time table

 30,000 Online questions practicing is an innovative approach to test your speed and learning. It gives you a chance to see where you are going wrong and then study that particular topic better. Keep testing yourself after each topic/chapter is completed. While if any student has an issue or needs further clarity, 24/7 Kaysons Education experts are available to resolve your query within hours. And schedule a time table with adequate time to read and make notes, practice questions and revise the main topics in each subject.


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