Pressures during JEE preparations – Peer Pressure

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In the previous articles, I talked about the psychological pressures faced by students preparing for the JEE and gave a few tips on how to handle the easier ones (pressures related to distractions and to the exam itself).

In this article, let’s look at one of the more damaging pressures – peer pressure

Handling Pressures during JEE Preparation – Peer Pressure

Nature of the pressure

Friends bringing problems to you that you cannot solve, friends belittling your preparation, friends putting doubts in your mind about the coaching class or reference material or video lectures you are using etc. are all a part of the competition of JEE.
When you prepare for the exam, you will see the true competitive nature of your friends and colleagues come to the front. At the end of the day, the JEE is a competitive exam and such things are bound to happen.

But How do I handle the competition, belittling and criticism?

To handle peer pressure, we advise you to become deaf and dumb to all taunts, criticisms and attempts at agitating you, till you complete at-least 75% of the syllabus.
Till then, if friend brings you a problem from a topic you’ve covered but you are not able to solve the problem – don’t panic. Tell him/ her that your preparation is weak … and carry on preparing. Remember – the syllabus is vast and if you start doubting yourself, you will never complete it. This happens all the time. This “friend” might have deliberately found out a tough problem to give to you in order to shake your confidence. And even if that is not the case, it is not necessary that inability to solve this particular problem means that you have not prepared well. Just revise the topic again (using your summary) and see if you can solve the problem now. If you still cannot solve it, see the solution of the problem and try it out yourself – maybe there is a new concept that you had not encountered earlier. If you still cannot get the problem, just forget it and move on.

And what about my friends who are looking better than me, preparation wise?

Don’t get bogged down by your friends who are ahead of you in their preparations – they may seem confident and may be able to solve a lot of questions while you feel you are struggling. Just ignore them and focus on yourself and your own preparations.

I had many such “friends” who seemed super confident but then ended up getting a rank less than mine (or did not even get one).

As I’ve said earlier, the preparation for JEE is a marathon … and someone way ahead of you may tire out and you might cross them. So don’t have any worry regarding who is ahead – focus on completing the marathon (the syllabus).

What do I do when I complete the syllabus as you have said?

When you’ve completed more than 75% of your syllabus, then all that remains is continuous problem solving and revision of the older topics. At this stage, solve problems from wherever you can and revise continuously. At this point of time, seek out your “friends” and now YOU should give THEM problems to solve! And also ask them to give you problems so that you can check your preparation and understand what you need to revise better/ re-look.

Rohit Mehra

IIT D , IIM A grad with a passion for education, especially STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math). Love the JEE and the way it has evolved through time ... keen to help students crack it.

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