Pressures during JEE Preparations – List !

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JEE is a tough exam … but tougher still sometimes is dealing with the pressures during JEE preparations that you as a student have to bear. Most of these are psychological in nature.

Looking at blogs, reading through tons of questions and answers on the JEE in various forums, I have come to realize that the psychological pressure during JEE preparations on students is just as bad as it always was – making the exam objective, putting in board weightage for rank in the mains etc. has not really helped ease the burden of students.

I’ll try to list down here a few of the psychological pressures during JEE preparations that I have seen students face.
And then, in the next few few articles, I’ll talk about a few tips on how to handle these pressures.
Preparing for the JEE is a battle of mental agility and of mental toughness, after all.

The Pressures during JEE preparations

1) Peer pressure

  1. Peers deliberately or non-deliberately tend to create a doubt in your mind about your preparations.  E.g. “oh, you are not studying from this reference book? Are you sure that other book you are studying from is ok”, “I hope you are doing Irodov side by side”. “I have not heard good things about your coaching institute’s study material – it’s too easy” etc. If you are not in a coaching class the above pressure is even stronger.
  2. People less than you academically in class X may become better than you in XI, XII all of a sudden and you might get confused about how they are able to cope.
  3. Non-Science stream students will be having a fun time in XI & XII while you are buried in tons of books (coaching class, reference material etc.)

2) School & Coaching Class Pressure

  1. Coaching teachers may not be explaining things in detail due to big class size
  2. Hectic pace of class or hectic routine in general tends to be a big pressure point. Too many hours may be getting spent in coaching and too few might be available for self study.
  3. Friends / peers in class may be asking great doubts and imaginative questions which makes you wonder how they are able to think up of such things, while you are struggling with the basics.
  4. Getting shifted in coaching class to a “lesser batch” because of performance.
  5. Being scolded or ridiculed by school teachers for concentrating on competitive exams for e.g. “you cannot even solve basic board related questions in class – how can you be any good in competitive exams”, “focus on boards” etc.
  6. Attendance related pressures in school

3) Parental Pressure

  1. Comparison: E.g. “Mr. Sharma’s son/ daughter is doing so well in her coaching institute … what problem are you facing, why are your marks low?”
  2. Parents’ “Emotional Atyachaar”: “We are paying through our nose to do this for you. We don’t have too much money. Coaching is expensive. Please make sure you make us proud”

4) Exam pressure

  1. Huge syllabus & tough questions to solve – difficult to memorize and become familiar with all the facts and concepts.
  2. Balancing board exams and competitive exams.
  3. Doing a chapter well and then often feeling blank on reviewing it after a few weeks. Inability to do JEE level type questions (at-least initially).

5) Distractions

  1. Internet, TV, Mobile (games & apps) etc
  2. Friends and relationships – raging teen hormones make you want to go out and socialize, enjoy yourself, get infatuated etc. etc. but the JEE forces you to forget all that and bury yourself in books.

Given the above pressures and distractions on such young minds, it is no wonder that a lot of students become depressed, anxious or scared. And this fear & anxiety starts affecting their concentration and performance.

I’ve gone through most (if not all) of the above pressures during my JEE preparations as well – and I wish I had been given some guidance on how to handle these pressures well. I was not really good at handling them and I suffered a lot (though I was able to make it to IIT – Delhi).
In the next few articles, I will give some tips and advice on how to deal with these pressures.

Rohit Mehra

IIT D , IIM A grad with a passion for education, especially STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math). Love the JEE and the way it has evolved through time ... keen to help students crack it.

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