Questions based on more than one topic – “CASES” for JEE 2014

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Overall paper is well balanced that checks student’s knowledge as well as the problem solving ability. As per the100% success with cases guidelines, the paper was mainly based on NCERT. According to the expert analysis, 30 questions are from each subject. 4 marks will awarded for every correct answer and ¼ the will allowed for every incorrect answer. If we talk about the last year’s paper composition of Physics, the questions were distributed over the entire subject instead of focusing on few topics. Out of 30 questions, nearly 14 questions were of easy level, 10 were average and 6 were hard. Aspirants must identify easy, average and hard questions then try to attempt easy questions first. Mostly students struggle more for the revision. They don’t understand what to study in the last time of exams so take guidance of kaysons fast track JEE main revision.

If we talk about the Chemistry portion, 12 questions were very easy, 10 were average and 8 difficult ones. There were some questions in which students are prone to commit mistake. Paper of Mathematics was also well balanced in terms of difficulty level. Ten questions were asked from algebra, eight from calculus and five from co-ordinate geometry respectively. There are only two questions from the Trigonometry out of which one was easy. Rest of questions is from Vectors, Matrices, 3-D Geometry, Statistics, Determinants, Logic and LPP. For the effective study pattern of each subject kaysons JEE main fast track revision is a best choice.

Last moment study can clear your way to get success. Now paper pattern and the number of questions are clear for the students so make your strategy accordingly. Questions are based on more than one topic so there is much scope to score high if you study smartly. The quick revision package for JEE main, are designed to resolve the last time rush. But remember one thing; you will be able to revise well when all the concepts are well understood. Revision deepens the understanding of the concepts. Getting success in this toughest exam will be possible only when you revise each topic. If you will not revise well in the last moment then all your preparation will go in vain.

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