Quick Move for JEE 2014

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JEE Main entrance exams are designed to analyze the analytical, logical and the reasoning skills of the students. It is essential to make an effective strategy for the good performance in your entrance exam.  Students can also take a quick move to study with fast track revision for JEE exams.Quick Revision

Probable Topics:

However the syllabus of board exams and JEE main are similar but the pattern is quite different. Students must understand all the theorems, formulae, as well as equations. Now not more days are left so plan well about what and how to study. Now let us brush up some important topics and the last minute strategies to steal the show of JEE Main.

  • For Physics: Kinematics and Dynamics, Theory of Fields (Electromagnetism), Wave Sound, Optics etc.
  • For Chemistry: Physical Chemistry is the most gaining topic and also study Inorganic Chemistry
  • For Mathematics: Calculus, Determinants, Permutation and Combination, Sequences, Coordinate Geometry and Vectors.

Test Series:

Solve more and more test series to be familiar about the level of questions. In the last month of the exams solve last year exam papers as much you can. Never use calculators for the numeric problems. Practice more with the fast track revision for JEE exam is the right choice to go for the last moment revision.

Mind Teaser:

JEE main is the game of presence of mind so keep your mind cool. The questions for the JEE Mains are the mind teaser, so keep your mind calm and think deeply about each topic.


As we know the syllabus is huge and knowing every portion of the syllabus is also very important. In the last moment there are certain topics, in every subject, which can be form the basis of the entire subject. You can also score well in the JEE Main exams and you will come out with the flying colors. After getting entry card for the JEE Advance, students get fussy for the topics. They don’t have enough time to study entire syllabus so they should try the JEE Advance fast track revision plans for their JEE Advance preparations.

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