Quirky Revision Tips That Work

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The main objective of any student at the end is to aim high and do a good job at the end, when it comes to exams. And it is the common trend of most of them to not study the whole year, but at the brink of the exams when last minute revision is extremely important. The concept of revision is to reread or go through what has been studied thoroughly again, in order to memorize certain finer aspects of the study material which in turn better enables the pupil to have a grasp of the various topics within the subject.Quirky Revision Tips

Some Exceptional Tips

The approach to revision is not the same as the approach to studying. It requires a certain amount of conviction and patience as it is an important preparation process before any exam. Some out of the ordinary, but helpful tips are:

  • Time ManagementIt is advised to sleep early and get up early. This routine is advisable as the early morning study is very fruitful, but be careful not to avoid sleep as tiredness will only hamper your progress.
  • A revision timetable could me made so as to better understand your approach. You could put it up at your room so that you can easily go through it whenever required.
  • Going offline for a while is a very good idea. The revision requires your undivided attention and switching off your Facebook and twitter accounts would do a lot of good. Also switch off your mobiles and laptops for less distractions.
  • Prevent fast food junctions and better go for a natural brain boosting foods such as bananas. An assortment ofHealty Food nuts will do a wealth of good, as you continue to munch them while going on revising.
  • An interesting approach is rather to create a quiz for yourself rather than use the ancient method of jotting down all the points and go on mugging them up. The quizzes will shake things up and grant you more interest.
  • You can also endeavor to write down important points on a piece of paper and pin it to a board. Thus, you will pass these papers whenever you move in or out and the points will register every time.
  • If you have been studying most of the topics, you can do some background research on the subject by borrowing books, on the net, etc. This would really enhance your knowledge of the subject and give better Self Studyinsight.
  • You can teach your classmates the topics, if you have a good grasp on the subject. As they say, teaching is the best way of self-revision.
  • Keep taking regular breaks from time to time in order to relax and refresh oneself. It helps reset your mind for absorbing knowledge better while taking you out of a monotonous routine.

Final Views

The revision technique of a student is generally up to their personal choices. Because each student is receptive to a different methodology. But there is no doubt that the tips provided will definitely help them tackle their revisions better.

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