Boost your Rank in JEE

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Today IIT-JEE is a completely different ball game with the new two-tier structure of JEE Main for regional and private engineering colleges and those selected within the top 1.5 lakhs are eligible to sit for the exclusive entrance to IIT by JEE Advanced. If you are looking to boost your rank in JEE there are a few key considerations that you need to keep in mind before you actually sit for the exam.

Boost your Rank in JEE

Boost your Rank in JEE

  • Study hard: There is no shortcut to success and working a minimum of 10 to 12 hours a day is imperative to a good rank in IIT JEE. Study systematically; complete the whole course as specified by the IITs. Do not ignore any topic in mathematics, physics and chemistry. 
  • Be mentally prepared: You need to be mentally string and prepared to ensure that you crack JEE with a high rank. Be confident that you can do it and stay motivated. Sometimes it is not just about knowing everything but having the confidence and presence of mind to remember and do it right in the exam. 
  • Aim for at least minimum marks: Each section has a minimum percentage of marks that is required to clear the JEE exam. Know the criteria and aim to at least mark the cut because most students do very well in 1 or 2 sections but flounder in the third, lowering their chances of making the basic marks. 
  • Revise well: Revise all topics. Even if you are good at some but weak in others, ensure that you know 100% in the strong topics to make sure that you can boost your rank. Though there is time till JEE 2015, you can even get your concepts cleared by constant studying and online videos learning. Solve 10 year sample papers, enroll with the question bank at Kaysons Education which has 30,000 online questions 
  • Clear your concepts: Even if you are not very vocal in the class, you’ll need to ask your doubts and get your concepts crystal clear before you can boost the JEE rank. Talk to your teachers and seniors and get all your doubts clarified. 
  • Be aware of negative marking: Most common reasons that can put you back in the rank is the negative marking that was introduced in the new pattern. Most students lose marks that they gained due to negative marking. So be very sure about answering questions as you might lose your hard gained marks, if the answers are wrong. 

Stay positive, study hard and work smartly during the exam to ensure that you not only crack IIT JEE but boost your rank up.

Amrita Verma

I am a MBA Graduate, Creative thinker, blogger . Guiding student preparing for JEE for over 5 years. Have worked in Bansal Classess Kota from 2008 to 2013. In these 5 years I have understood much about What JEE is and What it takes to be an IITian. You can follow me on Google

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