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Kaysons booksAs far as appearing for IIT JEE is concerned, most of the pupil now prefer individualistic study mode. In this students are getting enough room to concentrate more on their strength and weaknesses and adopt a customized learning mode. Kaysons Education is one of the leading and most trusted name in IIT JEE training.

The syllabus of IIT JEE is almost the same as of the eleventh and twelfth class syllabus, so the students can get a double benefit while preparing from this entrance exam from XI onwards. The important material for studies is fundamental books on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with concepts explained in a student-friendly manner. The capability and taste of each student vary in each subject, so comprehensive approach is very important while Kaysons Bookspreparing the training books and this is what Kaysons offers.

Kaysons Books

Kaysons package consist of books and video CD packages. Ours is the first of its kind complete video learning system for IIT JEE exams. The package consists of Chemistry Books, Maths Books, Physics books and each with the set of DVDs. The chemistry books package includes 11 DVDs and 6 books. Maths set consist of 9 DVDs and 6 books. There is a 9 DVD and 7 books set for physics. With the help of these books backed up with video learning tutorials, it is very simple for the students to take a step-by-step learning approach to have a thorough understanding of the subjects.

The Kaysons books are not just reference materials as many other such training programs do. All these books contain real notes from the expert trainers who are IITians. All these subject matter experts who prepared these books have got solid experience of 10+ years in the industry and can offer the best to the students. 

Apart from the books and DVDs, you can also get online support to clarify your doubts as well as can get access to about 20,000 doubts asked and cleared online. Also the previous questions solved will give you a clear rectification of your doubts. With the test paper series and assignments, you can evaluate your performance standard and can identify your weak areas to work on it better and improve. With the mark predication methodology, you can predict your mark even before the exam and try to boost up your rank. The progress report and detailed analysis will help you to closely monitor your performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis.

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