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Republic Day to remind soldiers and feel pride to be an Indian

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Republic Day is celebrated to honor the prestigious day on which Indian constitution was formed. It had ultimately Jai Hind!!replaced the Government of India Act. It is celebrated as triumph of Indian strugglers over the British rule by following the violent and peaceful ways. This day also signifies the entrance of Indians in their country’s constitutions. The prime occasion is conducted in our national capital Delhi. The dignified army parades are organized on the Rajpath that tribute to the nation.

The wide parade conducted on Rajpath in the national capital is the chief celebration event of this occasion. It is primarily three day occasion that ends on 29th January. The army’s parade shows cultural heritage of India as well as Indian military potential.  In order to make this occasion memorable, every year vast parade is organized in New Delhi that passes from Raisina Hill close to President’s house to Rajpath and ends at India Gate.Before the beginning of parade, the prime minister of India lays a floral wreath to remember those soldiers who have lost their lives for the sake of country’s freedom. Every one present in the ground keeps silence for two minutes to dedicate the time to remind those brave soldiers. Then the prime minister joins the prime podium on the Rajpath. Thereafter the president enters in the ground with the chief guest of the festival. They arrive on the horseback guided by the bodyguards of president.

Happy Republic Day

At first the president unfolds the national flag and national anthem is played and national salute is provided by 21 gun shots. On the Republic Day the president gives Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra awards. He awards the brave army people with heroism medals for their exclusive performances who have built unique image among others. The children are also awarded with the national bravery award and they ride past the viewers on the embellished vehicles and elephants.

The exclusive BSF camel deputation while the yearly republic day marching.  Almost 9-12 various Indian army divisions including navy, air force along with the band parade show the excellent formal decors. The Indian president who preserves the Indian armed force command receives their salute. Around 12 deputations of different Indian military forces and civil forces participate in the march. The exclusive view of the republic day’s march is the border security force who rides on camel that is the sole camel riding army on the earth.  It can be viewed only on Republic day.

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