Review: Fundamentals of Physics by B N Ivanov

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My God! Blog posts maintained by some so called “experts” can be so misleading at times!!
I read in some blog related to JEE preparation somewhere that B N Ivanov is a good book for clearing one’s concepts for Physics. I have always been a bit partial to Russian authors, compared to their Western counterparts, and I thought I should read this book and write a review.
Well, since I have been through this book now, let me go ahead with the review. But at the outset let me warn you THIS IS NOT A BOOK MEANT FOR THE JEE.


  • Lets look at the topics covered in the book:
  • Unity of Nature
  • Mechanics of a Material Particle
  • Electromagnetic Field
  • Atomic Physics and Quatum Mechanics
  • Macroscopic Bodies as Aggregates of Particles, Thermal Phenomena
  • Macroscopic Motion of Media, Non-Equilibrium Processes
  • Electromagnetic Fields in Media, Electrical Magnetic, and Optical Properties of Substances
  • Plasma
  • Stellar and Prestellar States of Matter

If you notice, the topics are presented in a very different manner than usual physics texts. This text is mainly intended for use by graduate students – i.e. students who have completed their bachelor’s studies. The level of technical competence expected from students is very high.
It covers the above topics in a very theoretical manner, often giving proofs for phenomena which are taken for granted in other texts.
It is a good book for post college physics studies, maybe. But as far as the JEE is concerned, it is too advanced for both the Mains and Advance versions of the paper.

Pros and Cons

There are no pros for this book as a JEE preparation book. Maybe your coaching class teacher might discover a concept explained very well in this book and then explain it to you in more simplified mathematics. But this book is not meant for even the best high school student preparing for JEE.


This book is definitely not for JEE (Mains or Advance) preparation.
We would advise you to steer clear of this book!

Rohit Mehra

IIT D , IIM A grad with a passion for education, especially STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math). Love the JEE and the way it has evolved through time ... keen to help students crack it.

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