Scared of JEE Test? Don’t Know from Where to Start IIT JEE Preparation? Read This!

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Want to crack IIT JEE? Feeling irritated? A majority of students have a dream to crack IIT JEE in just first go. However, to crack IIT JEE is such a tricky task. Most of the time, the candidates look so tensed and confused. They always think just one thing how to prepare and how to start preparation for the IIT JEE entrance exam.

Everybody out there preparing for IIT JEE should be aware of this fact that JEE Main and Advanced both are completely different examinations. The JEE Main was formerly known as AIEEE, and is the primary phase for the IIT JEE.

Scared of JEE TestTo excel in the JEE exam you have to increase your speed so that you can solve maximum questions in a limited time period. In the JEE exam, problems are hard. These problems not only check your skills but also the results you draw from the theorems that you have already learned.

When to Start IIT JEE Preparation:

It is the common question of the candidates, but you can start as early as possible. If you want to get good rank, then begin serious study from the class 11th, but try to start your planning and preparation from class 9th. Early planning and smart planning both are seriously important for the preparation of IIT JEE.

Know The Format Of The Main Exam: 

The JEE Main lasts 3 hours and includes 90 optional questions. The examination compromises of three sections: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Each section consists of 30 questions. Every section is weighed equally.

  • For every question answered right, four points for correct answers. For every wrong answer, one mark is decreased. No points for unanswered questions.

Familiar with the Pattern of the Advanced Exam: 

The pattern of JEE Advanced is entirely different from the Main exam. This advanced examination also covers the similar 3 topics: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. But, unlike the Main examination, the advanced examination is divided into 3 hours long papers, every topic divided into 3 main sections. The examination papers are structured as follows:

  • First Examination Paper: Every section includes 10 optional questions with one right answer, five optional problems with one or moreaccurate solutions, and 5 problems that have the test taker to give a one digit solution.
  • Second Examination Paper: Every section comprises of 8 optional questions with single right solution, 8 questions that need to answer to a reading passage, and some “matching list”-sort of questions.

Use Mock Tests: 

The easiest and most effective method to get prepared for the IIT JEE exam is just to do the check itself. Candidate will attain free Mock tests from the official JEE site. These mock test papers exact like the actual JEE in terms of content,  format, and structure and can be accessed completely through the computer system — no physical appearance is required. Mock tests are actually helpful and give you the valuable experience and an idea of working through the JEE in advance of the real examination.

No need to scare when you follow the above points. If you can get more mock test series and perfect timetable schedule from Kaysons Education Pvt. Ltd. The best online coaching point for the preparation of IIT JEE.

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